Published On : Mon, Sep 7th, 2020

Social Cause : DPS Lava kids tour Akshaya Patra

Normally food fills the stomach, but if you give food to the needy then it will fill their Hearts too.
DPS Lava Nagpur organised a virtual trip recently for Grade VI to AKSHAYA PATRA, a non-profit organisation in India that operates a school lunch programme. AKSHAYA PATRA means inexhaustible vessel, with stories woven around it in Hindu mythology; it means a never depleting supply of the food.

Akshay Patra is a centralised kitchen in Nagpur that has the capacity to serve food to 5000 children. It satisfies the hunger of many children and supplies nutritious food to poor children, to children staying in juvenile homes and rehabilitation centres.

During the COVID pandemic when children are not coming to school, this foundation distributes the raw food items to poor children at their homes.

Children of DPS Lava could log in through the live stream to virtually visit Akshaya Patra.

Mr. Prashant Bhagat, Manager Operations of Akshaya Patra, Nagpur introduced children to big machines and containers like potato peeling machines, sambar tank, rice choute, roti maker and many more. Children were delighted to see a roti maker that bakes 3000 rotis in one hour!

He also told children various safety norms that are followed- from purchasing food items to cooking and then parcelling the food to various destinations by their own specially designed vans which are fitted with racks to avoid spilling and wastage of food during transportation.

After the virtual tour of this amazing Mega Kitchen, children asked their queries to which Mr. Prashant Bhagat responded happily .

This virtual trip was a very enriching and informative experience.