Published On : Fri, Oct 30th, 2015

So what is Mike?

First movie on motorcycle ride to Ladakh to be released all over India on October 30, 2015

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: The premier show of movie Mike was organized at Jaswant Tuli on October 30, 2015 at 5:30 pm. The Director of the film Piyush Pande, Assistant Director / Casting Director Aditya Sharma and Actor Sidharth Jichkar were present at the premier show. The Anchor Puja Singh led the audience into a question answer session after the movie. The family members and friends of the movie producing team were present to view the premier show.

So what is such a big feat of riding a 500 CC Enfield Motorcycle all the way to Ladakh? Well, it is the sheer experience, the adrenaline pumping in your veins and the pleasure of riding such a powerful two-wheeler in rough and highest motorable terrain.


So was the hero of the movie an expert? Well, No. He was as amateur or novice as one can get in riding an Enfield Motorcycle. Yet he endured the ride, undertook all the aches and pain, faced adverse climatic conditions and yet finished the endurance and reached the finishing point.

Mike, directed by Piyush Pande, himself an avid biker, wanted to relate the experience of a ride through difficult terrain and the adrenaline rush that one experiences to the masses.

Supported by committed friends who formed the team of Assistant Directors, Casting Directors, Cinematographers etc made the movie a grand success of his endeavor. Assistant Director Aditya Sharma had to don the role of Casting Director and as an Actor, too.

While speaking to Nagpur Today, Assistant Director Aditya Sharma said that the movie promises the cine-goers or film buffs and the exuberant youth, and the passionate bikers, an experience and exhilaration which they would like to replicate themselves too.

So why Ladakh of all places?
Piyush Pande wanted to make a movie for the Bikers Community in India who lives in a dream to traverse the journey from Manali to Ladakh. He succeeded in his efforts too. Well, the breathtaking scenic beauty, the closeness to the skies, riding through the clouds, snow and practically deserted for miles together without a single human-being, is altogether a different experience which is never been showcased in any movies before.

The Hero “Siddharth” played by Siddharth Jichkar in the film speaking to Nagpur Today said that initially the endeavor of undertaking the journey was wild. Later on, that wild experiences of riding the bike were worth millions. Nothing can ever give me the pleasure that my riding the Enfield Motorcycle to the highest motorable road of the world, it itself was an achievement, I felt what Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary must have experienced when they conquered the Mount Everest. Now I can relate what hardships a biker faces to reach his destination especially when it is from Manali to Ladakh Highway.

Every movie goes with music giving joy of a body and soul relationship. No movie is complete without good music that keeps the tempo on and often conveys the mood of the movie which the director has envisaged. This was taken care by Music Directors Vinay Mojes and Charudutt Jichkar. Apt music that resonated with the film was used to convey the right mood for the viewers.

If the lead character is not named Mike, nor is the director’s name Mike, nor even the Motorcycle’s name Mike, So who is “Mike”? Why was the film christened with “Mike”? One will have to see the movie to get to know that.
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By Samuel Gunasekharan