Published On : Wed, Feb 17th, 2016

SNDL’s ‘Special Service Desk’ initiative for ‘special consumers’

SNDL’s ‘Special Service Desk and  special consumers’Nagpur: In its unique initiative of providing better consumer service to its consumers, SNDL has initiated the “Special Service Desk” for a special segment of the society which deserves special and immediate attention. To begin with, SNDL has identified the old and aged and disabled persons and pregnant ladies as its ‘high priority’ consumers under this initiative.

As a part of this initiative, these ‘high priority’ consumers would be given preference over other regular consumers at any of the consumer care centres (CCC) of SNDL. This means that these ‘high priority’ consumers would not have to wait for their turn at the CCCs. As per this newly initiated process, the next desk which gets vacant after attending a presently seated consumer would automatically identify these ‘high priority consumers’ and offer them a resolution on priority. Besides, there were certain offices where the consumer services desk were located on the first floor. In such offices, it has started a ‘special attention desk’ on the ground floor to facilitate only those consumers who are unable to climb the stairs. SNDL has initiated both of these services from Monday, February 15, 2016 at all of its consumer care centres.

It was recently observed that these ‘special and high priority’ consumers are uncomfortable in waiting for their turn due to their physical constraints or age factor, especially when there is a queue ahead of them. Or they would face constraints in climbing upstairs to reach the CCC. This generated the idea of identifying such consumers and providing them special attention at the CCCs.