Published On : Wed, Feb 17th, 2016

Munna Yadav’s son Karan attacks 16-year-old boy: Goes scot free


Nagpur: In another case of disregard for law, Karan Yadav the son of Corporator of Ajni area Munna Yadav attacked a teenager of 16 years with a sharp-edged weapon and lathis on February 17, 2016 morning.

According to the victim Varun Jangde aged 16 years studying in XIth standard in Sancheti Public School and Junior College and a resident of Sahakar Nagar in Ajni area, had gone to give his Hindi examination in his school in the morning on February 17, 2016.

When Varun was attending his classes, he received a call at 1.30 pm on his mobile phone from Karan Yadav. Karan Yadav had called Varun Jangde immediately to the school playground situated next to the School. Karan Yadav had threatened Varun Jangde that if Varun does not come to the playground, he would come to the school and then what happens to him would be detrimental to Varun.

Varun Jangde took permission from the teacher and reached the playground. There as soon as Varun reached the spot, Karan Yadav and his 7-8 friends attacked Varun and started thrashing him. They even attacked Varun with a knife or a sharp-edged weapon. Profusely bleeding, Varun escaped from their clutches and ran inside the School. From there he called his Uncle Prakash Jangde, who is working as Sanitary Worker in Nagpur Municipal Corporation in Dhantoli Ward. Prakash Jangde who was working near Gorakshan (near The Hitavada Office) rushed to the school ground.

When the Uncle Prakash Jangde asked Karan what has happened and why was he beating Varun? Karan Yadav is reported to have said that today Varun will not be spared. Varun will certainly be killed today. He also abused Varun and his family with very vulgar abuses.

Meanwhile Varun’s father who is working as a peon in Maharashtra Remote Sensing Satellite office situated in VNIT Complex also received a call from Varun and he too rushed to the playground. When he confronted the group which was sitting in the playground and asked who hit his son, Karan Yadav stepped forward and said that he hit him and challenged the father of Varun to do what he can. This enraged the father of Varun and he went near Karan and shouted at him, at this the friends of Karan Yadav started thrashing the father of Varun. Varun’s uncle who was close-by came to save Varun’s father and he too received a sound thrashing from the goons. Munna Yadav who was called by Karan Yadav too reached the spot and thrashed the father and uncle of Varun.

Soon the Principal and other teachers of Sancheti Public School and Junior College intervened and rescued the father and the uncle from the clutches of Karan and his friends.

Varun’s father, Varun’s Uncle Prakash rushed along with the profusely bleeding Varun to Dhantoli Police Station. At Dhantoli Police Station, the In-Charge of Dhantoli Police Station Senior Police Inspector Mane immediately dispatched Varun with two constables to Government Medical College and Hospital for medical treatment. At GMCH, Varun received four sutures.

When the father and uncle of Varun were standing in the Dhantoli Police Station, while Varun was taken to GMCH for getting medical treatment, they saw Munna Yadav, Karan Yadav and 8-10 friends of Karan Yadav present in the Dhantoli Police Station. They were allegedly doing some paper-work.

Munna Yadav had come to the father and uncle of Varun and after abusing them with vulgar words, said that they cannot initiate any action against him. He added that he is very powerful and will eliminate them if they register a case against his son Karan Yadav. Feeling threatened, the father and uncle of Varun called a senior BJP Corporator known to them and after apprising him of the events, asked him to intervene.

The Senior BJP Corporator is said to have come to the Dhantoli Police Station and spoken to Munna Yadav, Police Inspector Mane and then spoke to the father and uncle of Varun. He had convinced the father and uncle of Varun not to register a complaint since Munna Yadav is highly connected and has a lot of money to spare for legal expenses.

The Father and the Uncle explained that they need police protection since standing right inside the Dhantoli Police Station, if Munna Yadav could threaten them what if he attacks any family member in future. At this the Senior BJP leader and Corporator made Munna Yadav give an assurance in writing that if any member of the Jangde family is attacked in future, he himself will be responsible.

With this assurance the victim and his family did not register a police complaint.

While speaking to Nagpur Today, the In-charge of Dhantoli Police Station, Senior Police Inspector Mane said that he is sitting in the police station to redress the complaints of any victim. He is ready to file FIR against any accused immaterial of their social or political position or status.

He claimed that he had urged the Jangde family to lodge a complaint against Munna Yadav’s son Karan Yadav. However, the family was convinced by some Senior BJP Leader and reconciliation was arrived at outside the Police Station. He said that he is always ready to adhere to the directives of the Commissioner of Police to register any complaint that comes to them immaterial of their social and political status.

…Samuel Gunasekharan