Published On : Sat, Jan 17th, 2015

Smart shoes that will power your mobile by getting energy through walking

HT Power Shoes
Nagpur Today.

In this age of smart devices fast embedding into our daily lives, it would come as no surprise if we talk of such footwears which are as smart as you walk. A research is in the advanced stage will let you realize your imagination that the shoes will harvest your walking energy to power up your other devices. Built by German researchers, the set of shoes aims to harvest the energy humans create with every step they take, getting rid of the need for batteries or adapters to power a person’s wearable devices.

The technological advance was detailed in the journal Smart Materials and Structure. The power sneakers are equipped with “inductive energy harvesters” in the soles of the shoes. With each step a person takes, they generate power from the motion created between the magnets and coils in the sole of the shoe.

HT Power Shoes (1)
A separate “swing harvester” also harnesses the energy a person makes every time their foot swings to take a step.

Researchers from HSG-IMIT in Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany have figured out how to generate electricity from human motion using a device called a swing harvester that can be embedded within a shoe.

While the power kicks are cool, they won’t be enough to power a current smartphone, but the shoes should be able to power small sensors in various wearable devices, according to the study.