Published On : Sun, Oct 7th, 2012
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Skin Care during October heat

Nagpur Lifestyle : The rains have finally bid adieu. October heat has now struck and it feels like summer all over again in Nagpur city. With the temperature soaring, the humidity sinking fast and the sun bearing down all you for all it’s worth, how do you keep yourself beautiful and healthy for the upcoming festive season?

Nagpur Today brings you a few tips to care for your skin and hair in the brazen October heat.

  1. Avoiding dehydration: Your body needs moisture this time of year. Keep drinking water at regular intervals. Carry a bottle of water with you at all times.


  1. Sun protection: Keep yourself covered from the harsh sun, especially in the afternoon. Use dupattas for your face and large goggles to protect your eyes while driving. A good sunscreen lotion is a must.



  1. Always opt for cool water: Avoid hot water for bathing or washing your hair. Cold or regular water will help keep your scalp and your system cool. Take a bath at least twice a day.


  1. Hair care: Avoid washing your hair too frequently, it will turn your hair limp and dry. Keep it tied while travelling and driving to protect it from the sun and wind. Cutting your hair short this season is a convenient and stylish option.


  1. Mild cosmetics: Don’t burden your skin with heavy make- up or thick moisturizers. Let it breathe. Splashing your face with cool water or applying a light facewash is preferable to scrubbing. Use water- based products, and avoid cream- based ones.


  1. Light cotton clothes: Avoid wearing tight denims or synthetic fabrics. They might cause rashes on your skin. Try to stick to cotton clothes that are airy and comfortable. Trousers and cotton shirts are good for the office. Shorts, skirts and t-shirts make for perfect casual wear.



  1. The goodness of fruit: Try and have at least one whole fruit a day. Though this tip holds good for any and every season, it is particulary useful this season, since the heat takes a toll on travelers and daily commuters. Salads and cucumber are also a good option.