Published On : Wed, May 24th, 2023

Skeleton found in Nagpur: Even after a month, cops groping in the dark!

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Nagpur: It has been almost a month since a human skeleton was found in a dilapidated room near Subhash Nagar Metro Station, yet the Rana Pratap Nagar Police have not been able to establish the identity of the deceased. The police say that without precise verification of the age and gender of the body, they are scanning missing complaints in bulk. However, no one has come forward with a complaint.

Earlier, it was suspected that the deceased body could be that of a nomad man as it was found wearing a shirt and pants. However, the police maintained that forensic analysis would provide more clarity on the matter.

It is pertinent to mention that laborers cleaning an abandoned plot near Subhash Nagar Metro Station found the human skeleton in a dilapidated room, causing panic in the area on Wednesday.


According to police sources, Deepak Nashine bought the plot with the dilapidated room from a person named Patil in 2018 without thoroughly inspecting it. On Wednesday, April 26, Nashine started cleaning the plot as he intended to begin construction when the human skeleton was discovered.

As the body was found wearing men’s clothes, the police initially suspected it to be that of a man. They have registered a case of accidental death and launched a probe.

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The room on the plot was being used by many addicts and homeless people as it used to be open. Nashine locked the room in November 2020 after complaints from people in the area.

The police said that Nashine had not entered the room since then and therefore did not know about the skeleton, which appears to be a few years old.

Sources suggest that the body could belong to a homeless person or an addict, or there could be another angle to the story.

Speaking to Nagpur Today, Second Police Inspector of Rana Pratap Nagar Police Station Borade said, “Without verification of the age and gender of the body, it is difficult for us to narrow down on anyone. We are scanning missing complaints in bulk. No one has come forward with a complaint. This has made it difficult to establish the identity of the deceased person. We are awaiting the report from the Anatomy department; age and gender will be established afterwards. It would be significant in making a breakthrough in the case,” PI Borade assured.