Published On : Wed, Aug 21st, 2013

Sinking Shreesurya : Butibori bizman takes away Sameer Joshi’s 2 BMWs, an SUV

Nagpur News.

Every other day blends the dubious Shreesurya Group with fresh notorious information, much to the distress of gullible investors who poured their hard earned money into the fraudulently luring schemes of doubling the money. The money spin however got exposed sending the investors in a tizzy. Latest news is that a businessman named Jain has the custody of Joshi’s two BMWs and a Pajero car.

Reliable sources informed that all the three luxury cars are kept at Butibori at a place owned by Jain. Jain is in the business of earth moving machinery and has an office in Sadar in Nagpur, sources informed. Apart from the cars, Jain has got registered Joshi’s two flats behind Dinshaw factory in Borgaon in his name on Monday. The said deal was allegedly done as a recovery against Rs 50 lakh Jain had given to Joshi in his bad days, sources added.

Joshi’s hard luck affects colleague

The sulking colleagues of Joshi informed that as soon as Joshi’s fishy deals got exposed, the business of one of his closest accomplices went into haywire. The accomplice, like Joshi, jumped into the market and started thriving afresh. However, as soon as the Joshi episode hit the rough patch, the investors in the company of Joshi’s accomplice, slowly and steadily withdrew the money through their different means. The accomplice bore the maximum brunt following the exposure of the Joshi episode as he went totally bankrupt, the sources said.

Guru masterminded fraud?

Sources informed that Joshi and his accomplice were once working in a company whose owner was a disciple of the Anjangaon Surji’s Maharaj (Guru). He was always sharing the spoils with his Guru. The Guru allegedly masterminded the financial offences, sources quipped. Joshi and his accomplice used to accompany the owner of the company to the place (Math) of Maharaj for seeking advice and discussing on financial matters. Later, Joshi and his accomplice left the company and started their own with the sole purpose of roping in the tactics of luring people for bigger gains. However, all went wrong.

Joshi buying time behind fake illness!

Joshi, in order to save his skin from the onslaught of investors, is faking illness and has got admitted in a hospital. His close aides are spreading that Joshi is suffering from disturbed psychiatric condition. However, Joshi has been hatching conspiracies from behind the curtains and disposing of his properties.

Offerings galore!

Joshi has also successfully suppressed the discontented voice of his rivals by gagging them with bounties. The rates were fixed as per the nuisance value the rival held. Joshi had sought the services of his Guru to calm down his biggest rival. The Guru also tried to save Joshi by sending his men to the rival and inviting him to his “Math” but could not succeed, the sources said.

More offenders in hiding

A big investor in Joshi’s company has decided to expose 3-4 dozens of small investors and make their names public. He is not worried of consequences as his investment is white and not of black money.