Published On : Fri, May 29th, 2020

Sing on Musical Groups Fruitful Activities in Lock Down Period

Around 60 artists from the Sing On musical group have enjoyed this lock down period since March 21st through the presentation of melodious songs on the WhatsApp group ,where a unique series of different musical themes are presented everyday. By connecting this venture, A.N Sharma paved the way for artists to learn and understand, which all artists took full advantage of.

The artists of the Sing On musical group have now started a program of melodious songs for everyone on Facebook Public Group from 11 May, which has a dance and singing program in the Children’s Special on May 17, with Mr. Yuvraj Kumar Chaudhary ji as a core member of the Sing ON musical group, driven by the ‘Ubharte Sitare’ child actors under his guidance. Furthermore, the Golden Age of Indian Cine Music, a unique program for many years, was carried across the borders by Binaka Geetmala! This was a unique program of music, for which people eagerly waited,and in the evergreen voice of Amin Sayani ji, this program touched its heights!

Every year, every music director gave his best composition through films. Even today, neither the songs are forgotten from the hearts of the people nor was anyone able to replace Amin Sayani!

Sing on musical group” has brought the same golden period among you, which, A. N. Sharma ji and Smt. Meera Sharma ji have decorated. Now once again among the audience, the same superhit has been appearing on the “Sing on musical group” Facebook page.Taking the beautiful style of Amin Sayani Ji, the famous singer and Mimicry artist CA Mahesh Lalwani ji in a unique style among the people! This will be a program of 6 episodes, 8 songs every time. Sartaj songs from the year 1953 to the full 48 years will be performed by the artists of the city!

“Sing on musical group” is also going to present on the 22, 24, 26 and 28 , the entire Binaka Geethamala in 6 stages. The time will be from 1 pm to 8 pm, In which technical support will be provided by Shri. Rudrakant Bhattacharya ji. The program which is being put in front of you was recorded by Shri Ashok Darokar ji. The program was presented on 18 and 19 January at Mor Bhawan, which received a very good response from the audience.

The special purpose of this program was to spread awareness about the cleanliness campaign in public life! And the special song of the campaign “Gaadi wala aaya ghar se kachra nikal” was presented by Mr. Mahesh Lalwani ji and fellow artists which was highly appreciated by the audience.

The chief guest of the event was Dr. Sanjay Uttwar Ji and his wife as they celebrated their anniversary that day along with all the members of the group with great pomp. On this occasion Dr. Sanjay Uttwar Ji in his melodious voice also presented songs. Also mr. CA mahesh lalwani ji was felicitated by group for his best contribution of mimikry and Singing world in Nagpur

Similarly, on the rest of the days of lock down, various programs will be performed from 1 pm to 8 pm, which are as follows
Film and non-film Ghazal program on 21st
Children’s Special on 23
Forgotten songs on 25th
Songs sung by musicians on 27th
The hit songs program on 29th
30th and 31st will present a program of songs in the form of Shraddhajali to late music directors and singers