Published On : Sat, Sep 21st, 2013

Simple steps to stay positive


Happy go lucky attitude and optimism are well-known to be a base condition of promising benefits.  Studies show positive people can practice a hale and hearty life, comparatively lower rates of frustrations, lower levels of depression, better fighting resistance to frequent diseases like fever, cough and cold, better all round well-being, reduced risk of cardiac arrest and better decision making skills during times of depressions and stress.

It seems souls with an optimistic attitude happily live longer, healthier, more successful lives… and everyone wants that!



A rational situation that showcases a person’s degree of acceptance or declining power for an item – a generally like or dislike, positive or negative view of a person, place, occasion, or thing.  A positive attitude is, therefore, the preference to normally be in a bright, optimistic status of mind.  However, attitudes are expected to change with experience – so someone with a naturally pessimistic attitude can modify!

Defining positive attitude!

Now everyone knows what positive attitude is. How to start accepting optimism as a state of mind? A debatable question that has its answer below:

–       Sleep

A good sleep does wonders. Studies stay people are irritated because of lack of sleep. So try to sleep eight hours a day.

–        Power of communication

Communication is often underestimated. Unable to express things we sense can lead to a feeling of depression, anger, frustrations or uneasiness. If you find communicating difficult, or are afraid of arguments or bruised feelings, write it down. It is always a good alternative. Dairies are the best listeners.

–       Serve society

The undemanding action of serving others helps us to sense delight. Pick up foodstuff for an aging neighbor, read a book to someone with failing eyesight. If you are unsure of how to help out in your community, call a nearby NGO.

–       Herald holistic fitness

liberal body, speech and brain in harmony. Studies show that nutritious diet leads of positive mindset.

–       Ward off negative self talks

Discard negative self talks. People often create a scenario in their minds and that can hurt them before things actually happen. Predicting a negative future creates a painful present. Remove all the negative self talks and always find ways to overcome you fear.


Follow these steps and you can feel the change. Bring light to your life and make a difference from within.

–       By Nikhil Chandwani