Published On : Tue, Jul 30th, 2013

SICK SCENARIO: 527 school students found suffering from heart ailments in Nagpur

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Nagpur News: In a heart burning sensational exposure, cases of heart conditions in hundreds of students were revealed during a check up under the National Children Health Programme (NCHP).

According to a comprehensive check up report, alarmingly 527 students were found suffering from heart conditions in Nagpur District. Apart from heart ailments, a large number of students were diagnosed suffering from the eye diseases , brittle bones and hernia. About 8 lakh students in Nagpur District come under the cover of NCHP check ups.

CHECK UP OF 27 DISEASES: National Children Health Programme carried out check up of 27 diseases namely Heart ailments, TB,  kidney ailments,  along with hernia, dental problems, enemia, problems of deafness etc. The disease-affected students are being treated freely under Maharashtra  Government’s “Jivandayi Yaojana” .  The only condition for availing the free treatment is the domicile certificate along with school’s bonafides. The check up in the Nagpur District begins as soon as schools open after summer vacations.

NO PRIVATE SCHOOLS’ CONTRIBUTION: The health check up of students from Government, aided, non –aided, Municipal Corporation, Zilla Parishad and schools and some private schools. However, some private educational school managements don’t allow check up of their students. According to District Civil Surgeon’s office, a school was forced to let the NCHP carry out check up of the students. The check up revealed a girl was suffering from a heart condition. Her condition was not even known of her disease. The attitude of private schools is baffling one and still continues to be the same.

THE SCHEME: The National Children Health Programme is being implemented under National Rural Health. The NCHP conducts check ups of 0-18 years of school students.   The children including Anganwadi  and school students are being funded through Maharashtra Government’s Jeevandayi Yojana for getting treatment for their diseases. The check up is must for Anganwadi  students twice a year and once in year for school students. The Anganwadi kids from 0 to 6 years of age are checked up and from 6 to 18 year students of schools.

THE TEAMS: For the implementation of the schemes, there are two teams for each tehsil. A total of 37 teams are in Nagpur District. The teams include male and women doctors. Every team has been assigned the task of check ups of 25,000 students.

The following table shows the years and students diagnosed with heart conditions:

1)               2008-09                             208 students (Class 1 to Class X)

2)               2009-10                              99 students   (Class 1 to Class X)

3)                2010-11                             73 students   (Class -1 to Class X)

4)                2011-12                             85 students    (Class 1 to Class X)

5)                2012-13                              62 students   (Class-1 to Class XII)