Published On : Mon, Aug 24th, 2015

Shri Shraddhanand Anathalaya inmates’ handicraft items to be exhibited tomorrow


Nagpur Today:

Shradhanand Anathalaya is organising an exhibition of hand made articles prepared by the girls of the orphanage.

Kids, who were deprived of even the basic amenities in life get a shelter at Aashrams, that show them a ray of hope to live their lives fully.

Amongst such organizations, we have ‘Shradhanand  Anath Ashram’ in Nagpur who have a keen interest in making the lives of these children a blissful one. For children, they induce a power in them that encourage them live in this practical world, by organising various extra curicular activites. The students here, apart from education are provided with training through which they sharpen their skills. Skills like preparing hand made articles. The articles prepared are then made available for sale.

Undoubtedly, the aashram kids seem to be absolutely talented and dedicated towards their work. Every year, with the joint efforts of teachers, social workers and Joint Secretary Gitanjali Buty, Shradhanand Anathalaya, organize such exhibititons, and the money collected are then deposited in the bank accounts of each kid.

In fact, this money will in future help the kids have an amount with themselves in order to start a new life with a new vision. Isn’t this something absolutely amazing? Such social activities are indeed a pillar to support these talented dreamers.

Like every year, this year too, Shradhanand Ashram has organized an exhibition, which will last for two days from August 25, 2015 and August 26, 2015, at 11 am to 7 pm, in Shradhanand Anathalaya premises. The event will be inaugrated by the Divisional Commisioner, Anup Kumar.

So get some time out of your busy schedules and attend the exhibitons, as everyone’s presence will not only motivate the girls, but will also help them increase their self confidence for a better future.

Taniya Bageshwar