Published On : Sat, Aug 10th, 2013

Shreesurya Scam : Joshi stage managed police raid to keep away investors in Nagpur

Nagpur News.

The picture of Shreesurya Investment Fraud is getting uglier by the day. The orchestration of police security outside the company’s office at Telecom Nagar in Nagpur turned out be an eyewash for the investors queuing up to get their money back. About a dozen of big ticket investors have parked whopping funds ranging from Rs 30 to Rs 40 lakhs each, while there were hundreds of others who deposited from Rs 21,000 to Rs 1 lakh in the honey trapping schemes of the company.

A resident of Shankar Nagar informed that one of his relatives had deposited around Rs 40 lakh last year in August. He had chosen the period of deposit up to November, 2012. The company’s chief Sameer Joshi who is currently seeking medical help to sail safe in the current adversities, provided a written consent promising him a big return with an interest rate of 4 percent per month. When this person went to withdraw his money back in December, he was misguided with the theory of year ending and asked to get it withdrawn in January 2013. He was again refused in this month and asked to come in February. Again, Joshi excused himself from paying off, citing the financial year end as the reason. He was told to come after March. In February, when one of the news channels flashed the scam, Joshi allegedly managed the situation. However, the said investor has been coming to his office but to no avail. Now the investor is contemplating to drag Joshi to the court.

As the scam was exposed last month, Joshi deliberately got a battery of policemen deputed at his Telecom Nagar’s office to keep away the investors under the disguise of raid. Joshi has reportedly fabricated the police force in such a manner that every investor turning up at his office was sent back after being informed that the raid is being conducted, which was actually stage managed. Sources even questioned whereabouts of the cops and on whose behest were they protecting the scam master.

When few investors got an air of the raid, they hurriedly called up Joshi who clarified that it was put up just to keep the investors at bay.

Joshi hospitalized

Sources informed that Shreesurya chief Sameer Joshi has been admitted to a city hospital after he suffered decline in his health condition. He has been continuously reeling under stress. It is also learnt that Joshi has been deliberately trying to land in mental hospital in order to avoid immediate legal action against him. This way he can smartly keep the aggrieved investors away from his reach.

Splurged on scribes

It is learnt that Joshi has been busy managing those journo who are out to expose him in this multi crore scam. Joshi has reportedly presented a motorbike to a scribe from daily newspaper while lakhs of rupees have been splurged on the media to block the coverage.