Published On : Tue, Nov 10th, 2015

Shotgun reverts “Khamosh” in his style – haathi chale bazaar, kutta bhauken hazaar’

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Shatrughan Sinha tempts to be in “Abey Khamosh” mood when it comes to silencing his critics. And the khamosh moment comes alive as his resentment with BJP rose to new level. as he responded to an insult hurled at him by a party leader infamous for consistently sticking his foot in his mouth.

After Kailash Vijayvargiya — yes, the very same one — on Monday compared party MP Shatrughan Sinha to a dog, Sinha took to Twitter to reply.

For the uninitiated, ‘haathi chale bazaar, kutta bhauken hazaar’ is a very popular Hindi muhavra, or expression, which encourages a person to be thick-skinned, because there will always be baseless and harsh criticism hurled at him/her.

Sinha obviously played around with the expression and changed ‘bazaar’ to ‘Bihar’ to suit the occasion and censored the word ‘kutta’.

Shatrughan Sinha gave a befitting reply to Vijayvargiya’s remark.Shatrughan Sinha gave a fitting reply to Vijayvargiya’s remark.

On Monday, Vijayvargiya, a BJP General Secretary and a party strategist for Bihar Assembly polls, was asked to comment on Sinha’s remarks that the poll outcome could have been different had he been projected as the chief ministerial candidate and that those responsible for NDA’s defeat “should be taught a lesson”.

“When a car moves, a dog moves under it too, the dog believes that the car is moving because of me. This party is not dependable on one person, it’s a whole organisation and there’s a big hierarchy here. Those who are out of it were on a ‘Maun Vrat’ and now they are speaking,” Vijayvargiya, a former minister in Madhya Pradesh, had said.
The dog analogy was being used by a BJP leader for the second time in recent weeks after Union Minister VK Singh did so over the Dalit burning incident in Faridabad.

Moreover, Vijayvargiya had earlier also taken a cheap dig at Shah Rukh Khan. “Shah Rukh lives in India, but his soul is in Pakistan. His films make crores here but he thinks India to be intolerant,” Vijayvargiya had said in a series of tweets.

He also said on Monday that Sinha’s identity in politics is because of the BJP and he alone should decide on his loyalty to the party.

“Shatrughan Sinha’s identity in politics is because of the BJP, and BJP’s identity is not because of him. How much loyal he should be towards the party should be decided by him. Causing loss to the party even when you’ve taken so much from the party, that is for him to decide. I disagree with his behaviour,” he had said.

Vijayvargiya also went on to say that a person is assessed by how he or she behaves during a victory or loss.
“It’s the party’s honest workers who did their hard work, winning and losing happens in a democracy but a person is identified by their behaviour after winning or losing. Everbody’s character is coming to light whether it is Shatrughan Sinha or anybody else,” he had added.

Sinha, who has been severely critical of BJP leadership, particularly those in the Bihar unit, after he was left out of the campaign for the Assembly polls, had said he was “deliberately sidelined”.

“I am not bragging, but I do feel that when the darling (laadla) of Bihar’s people, the dhartiputra (son of the soil) and the original ‘Bihari babu’ was deliberately sidelined, it definitely had an impact on my supporters and fans.

“I can’t say how much difference it could have been, but I can definitely say, some difference would have been there. We could have definitely got more seats than what we got,” he said.
The NDA got just 58 seats in a House of 243.