Published On : Mon, Mar 22nd, 2021

Shoddy Covid-19 tests: Same person reported positive and negative at NMC, pvt labs

Nagpur: Amidst the surge in Covid-19 cases in the city, the shabby affairs of Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) and some private laboratories is putting the patients in the dock. It was found that the NMC and private labs are handing positive as well as negative reports of the same person in the different tests. One such report at the NMC centre says the person is Corona positive and another report says negative. The same sordid affairs are prevailing in some private labs.

A person named Sajid Presswala, resident of Vaishali Nagar, informed that he along with four members of family carried out tests at NMC-run Covid-19 centre in Pachpaoli on March 20. The tests were done on Sajid’s mother Kuratuben Presswala (75), father Sarfaraz Presswala (80) and wife Durriya Presswala (38). The next day some women employees of NMC arrived at their residence and told them that the test report of Sajid’s mother had come positive. The women employees gave medicines and advised home quarantine. Surprisingly, in the evening on the same day, a phone call from NMC informed Sajid that all reports are negative. Subsequently, Sajid checked the PDF and found that all reports were negative. Shocked, Sajid immediately contacted the NMC’s women employees and went through their list in which his mother reported Corona positive, Sajid said.

Citing another example, Sajid said that he had gone out of station some days back and after returning to the city on March 8, he had done a test at NMC’s Pachpaoli Centre. The next day around 9 am, his test was reported positive. “Since I had no symptoms, I carried out a test in a private lab on March 10. The report came negative, Sajid said.

Another person, on the condition of not to be identified, said that he had done a corona test of his 19-year old daughter at a private lab – Bio-Path — on March 19. On the same day, he had given his daughter’s sample to another private lab – Dhruv Pathology and Molecular Diagnostic Lab. The Dhruv Lab, in the evening, reported the test positive while Bio-Path report, given at 1.21 am of March 20, reported the test as negative.