Published On : Wed, Oct 21st, 2015

Shocking yet true! Promiscuity increases during Navratri-Garba in the city

Nagpur: With girls and boys getting a free reign for these nine days, and no constraints from parents, teachers and hostel wardens, many boys and girls enjoy the togetherness of their companions during this period.

Why should we be bothered? Who are we to interfere in their lives?
Well on many occasions, it is the females who have to bear the brunt of their escapades. They have to face problems and painful experiences like abortions, heartaches and many other psycho-socio-economic complications. After all this is India with its age-old psyche of Patriarchal society and age old traditions. Some of these out-dated practices and permissiveness for boys to indulge in any sort of behavior but is not approved when a girl indulges in it. In Nagpur too, unlike other cities, girls do not indulge in escapades which put their moral standing at risk. Unlike Gujarat or Mumbai, the youngsters in the city do not necessarily use the Navratri festivities as an excuse to indulge in sex.

The elders and moral police allege that away from the prying eyes of guardians, the youth break moral barriers. The late night performance with boys and girls dancing wearing bright revealing outfits has hidden motives and enhances the chances of young boys and girls getting involved in seeking physical lustful pleasures.

However, while speaking to Nagpur Today, a chemist in Dharampeth area on condition of anonymity said that what’s surprising is that young girls or women have become bold enough to buy contraceptives from the chemist shops. This situation was not so till a decade back.

From Spirituality to Sensuality
While speaking to Nagpur Today, Soft-Skills Trainer Beena Mathew said during the Navratra-Garba period that the Visual-Audio and Kinesthetic (Touch) Senses are all working simultaneously providing conducive atmosphere for promiscuity. She claimed that the Religion is a big ballgame of emotions. It is a big myth that our culture is rich and is still existing in the original sense. While the rituals continue to exist, the celebrations have morphed into commercial endeavour. She said that the Navratri-Garba has transformed from Spirituality to Sensuality.

With the organizers inviting celebrities from Bollywood to woo the youngsters, everybody is in the race to outshine the others with their latest designer wear and apparel. The glamour quotient seems to be at play here. The Garba-Ras organized at various places leaving a few resembles nothing less than a discotheque under the garb of religious rituals.

While speaking to Nagpur Today, Head of the Department of Psychology of Hislop College Mala Singh said that the boys and girls get attracted towards each other since it is a natural phenomenon. To add to that the liberty, opportunity and levels of Testosterone and Estrogen running wild is giving rise to promiscuity. She too added that the sensations are working together to bring about a chaos in the emotions and feelings causing youngsters to give into their lustful urges.

According to another Psychiatrist who preferred anonymity told Nagpur Today that young people enjoy personal freedom to a great extent during Navratri that is rarely granted to them at other times. The respite from adherence to parental rules and supervision allows some of the youth to explore intimacy with the opposite sex. However, this behavior can also be viewed as an act of defiance against social norms.

Youngsters are evolving to become smarter
The boys and girls revelling in unmonitored liberty however, are now aware of the risks, especially pregnancy, AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. Both boys and gals take adequate precautions like condoms and I-pills.

Flavoured and scented condoms preferred contraceptives among youngsters
Nagpur Today
ventured out to the wholesale chemists and pharmacists situated at Agrasen Bhavan and Sandesh Dawa Bazaar. Some of the startling facts that came to fore through the conversations that Nagpur Today had with the wholesale traders of Pharmaceutical products are that last year the sale of Manforce Condoms in one wholesale Chemist shop was Rs 1.5 lakhs (there are other brands like KS and other brands of condoms). However, this year, till date, the sale of Manforce Condoms is Rupees two lakhs seventy thousand. Many owners of the wholesale chemists and pharmacists shops in Dawa Bazaar and Agrasen Bhavan said that while the adults prefer the normal condoms, the youth prefer scented and flavoured condoms.

However, most chemists situated in Laxminagar, Trimurti Nagar, Dharampeth, Ramnagar, Ravinagar, Panchasheel Square and Lokmat Square said that the sale of I-Pill is seen but in moderate quantities probably because now it requires the prescription from a registered medical practitioner.

While speaking about various sex-booster drugs, the chemists said most shops have goods that are sold Over The Counter (OTC) as follows

  1. Stay On
  2. Vita-X Gold
  3. Anand Tel
  4. Vigora (Not Viagra)
  5. Shilajeet
  6. Shilajeet Gold
  7. Sanda Tel
  8. Niagra (Another drug sounding like Viagra) etc.

However, none wants to claim any responsibility for any side-effects. They said that one requires prescription from a registered medical practitioner for erectile dysfunction and other disorders. These medications available for erectile dysfunctions are not sex-boosters.

By Samuel Gunasekharan