Published On : Fri, Jul 17th, 2015

Criminal place a bottle on the businessman’s head, shoot

up-gabbarA shocking video of another lawless act has surfaced from Uttar Pradesh of Khan Mubarak, brother of gangster Zafar Supari Khan, brazenly terrorizing a businessman and also threatens Police, Netas from jail.

Video Courtesy India News TV shows how Khan Mubarak threatens an UP businessman,keep bottle on his head and fires a shot – even abuses him and beat mercilessly with bathe.

The 3-month-old video caught on camera shows Khan Mubarak whiplashing a businessman named Bazu Khan in Ambedkar Nagar. The gangster’s brother is heard abusing Bazu over a purported money deal.

Bazu repeatedly pleads for mercy following which Mubarak asks his aide to place a bottle on the businessman’s head which he intends to blow up with his pistol.

Mubarak, who appears to be inebriated in the video, goes on to shoot at the bottle but misses the target.

The businessman was so terrified after the incident that he never stepped out of his house for months. He died in mysterious circumstances recently.