Shocking Video: 3 puppies ran over by a car mercilessly in Gandhi Nagar-Nagpur

Nagpur: A case of inhumane animal killing has been noticed in Gandhi Nagar Nagpur, when around 3:30pm, 3 tiny puppies cuddled together to each other on the footpath were ran over by a car mercilessly and killed. As soon as the news spread voulenteers of Save Speechless Organization went to FIR against driver . Initially police didn’t show any interest later FIR was registered.

In a Viral CCTV footage, which was obtained by Save Speechless Organization Nagpur , from the nearby shop clearly shows the face of the driver who is a well known Advocate a resident of shivaji nagar near gandhi nagar Nagpur .

The footage also shows that while driving he was talking on his cellphone and even after noticing the sleeping puppies on the footpath, he ran over his car mercilessly on those innocents lunching them to death.

When asked by crowd why he didn’t even stop and turned back, he answered shamelessly that the footpath isn’t the place for the stray animals to be and that he hadn’t done anything wrong by running them over and killing them.

If people like him who are expected to be on the side of justice and honor does such inhumane acts, then how can we trust our laws and people who are the light bearers of justice?

If such people do not consider lives important then who will? Had the case been any different if any person who had been killed in the accident? And has it been any different if the driver would had been from any other profession? Why innocent lives have to pay for others’ reckless drivings?

All these questions need to be answered by the system today. And such case files need to end with justice towards the victims’ side, either humans or animals, so that none else ever try to escape from the hands of law.