Published On : Fri, Jul 19th, 2019

Shocking! An honour killing in Mumbai

Mumbai: In another case of honour killing, Ghatkopar police on Monday arrested a man for murdering his pregnant daughter on Saturday for bringing him shame in his community. The accused, Rajkumar Chaurasiya, 55, ran a paan shop. The way the 20-year-old woman, Minakshi Chaurasiya, was killed is even more shocking. According to the police, on Saturday, Rajkumar called his daughter behind the auto stand at Narayan Nagar in Ghatkopar for giving her money and clothes. When Minakshi arrived, they chatted for a while. Rajkumar threw the money on the road, but made it look like the notes slipped. when Minakshi bent, Rajkumar caught her hair and slashed her neck and head with a chopper.

Notably, the police on Sunday morning found a wo­m­an’s body behind the auto stand at Narayan Nagar in Ghatkopar. The woman was brutally killed with a sharp-edged weapon. The body had 8-9 deep wounds at the back of her head and on the neck. First, police tried to identify the victim, who turned out to be Minakshi Chaurasiya, a resident of Narayan Nagar, Ghatkopar (W). During the preliminary investigation, police interrogated her husband Brijesh Chaurasiya, 26, with whom she married a few months ago. He said the deceased had gone to meet her father. They had married against her father’s wish, leading police to suspect her father. Police picked him up and the murder turned out to be a case of honour killing by father.

According to the Ghatkopar police, the father tried to marry off his daughter twice in the past. He was against his daughter’s love with the man, Brijesh, who is from the same community. She had refused to marry the first man, though her father had distributed cards in his hometown. The accused fixed her marriage, which was to be held on March 9, with another man from the same community. Before her marriage could solemanise with the second guy, on February 22, Minakshi ran away with Brijesh and tied the knot in a court in Satana, Uttar Pradesh.

A senior police official said, “The father initially felt bad. With the passge of time, he realised his mistake when she told him she was pregnant. He accepted her. The family began talking on the phone and meeting as well. He even gave her a mobile phone. The father’s only request to the deceased was not to visit their hometown for 3-4 years, to which she happily agreed.” The official said, “Recently, Rajkumar came to know of her plans of a visit to hometown during the Ganesh fest, as Brijesh was quite active in local group activities. He requested Minakshi not to go to her in-laws’ house. But, she refused and insisted on visiting her in-laws’ house, leading to her murder.” On Saturday, Rajkumar came prepared. He called Minakshi behind Narayan Nagar auto stand on the pretext of giving her money and clothes and killed his pregant daughter.