Published On : Tue, Sep 1st, 2020

Shocking: 80% Covid-19 patients shifted to Govt hospitals from private lost lives

The tactic is to show lower death rate in private hospitals in Nagpur

Nagpur: In a damning revelation, it has come to the fore that 80 percent of Covid-19 patients shifted from private hospitals to Government hospitals in Nagpur have lost their lives. While the private hospitals conveniently refuse to admit critically ill patients, on the other hand, the patients on oxygen are being moved to Government hospitals if their condition deteriorates. 80 percent of such patients lose their lives, said a report published in local Marathi daily ‘Loksatta.’

“All this dubious tactic has been intended to show lower death rate in private hospitals. No surprise, the death toll due to coronavirus is increasing in Government hospitals,” said the report.

In the Second Capital City of Nagpur, there are three tertiary grade Government hospitals – Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH), Mayo and AIIMS. These are specially designated Covid-19 hospitals. Moreover, a total of around 35 private hospitals have been approved for treatment of corona patients. The ‘Loksatta’ report said that serious patients are not admitted in AIIMS. Therefore, GMCH and Mayo face the pressure of serious patients. Out of the 35 private hospitals, six are Covid-19 designated hospitals. These six private hospitals can treat the serious and mild coronavirus positive patients. But still, the serious patients are not being admitted in these private hospitals and are being sent to GMCH and Mayo Hospital, the report stated.

According to the report, around 7-9 critical patients are shifted to GMCH daily from the private hospitals. Out of these shifted patients, 30 percent are moved in day time, 10 percent in the evening and 60 percent patients are shifted between 12 midnight and 2.30 am. Many a time, doctors are not available to look after patients on ventilator. At times, the GMCH doctors face hardships as many patients are shifted from private hopsotals in the dead of night. Vital 40-45 minutes get wasted putting the life of patients at risk by the private hospitals. In this dire situation, 8-85 percent patients lose their lives.

The same dreadful situation could be witnessed in Mayo Hospital.

NMC’s Helpline chaos:
The Helpline announced by the NMC is proving to be more head ache than of any help. Many a time there is no response from the phone number. On many occasions, patients are told about no availability of beds with ventilator facility at a specific private hospital. Sometimes, patients are referred to such private hospitals whose names are unheard by patients. Many times the patients are told about not availbility of beds with ventilators at a preferred hospital.

GMCH version:
The Public Relations Officer of GMCH informed that due to surge in Covid-19 positive cases in city, there is enormous pressure on the hospital. But still the hospital administration is making all efforts to provide best of treatment to the infected patients. “At the moment, it is difficult to say how many patients were shifted to GMCH from private hospitals. But the private hospitals now must take care to first ascertain the number of beds available in government hospitals and then shift patients to them,” the PRO said.