Published On : Sun, Apr 12th, 2015

Shocking: 36 crore workforce in unorganized sector is being exploited in India

City Law Student gets Ph.D for research on unorganized labour

Nagpur: In an exclusive talk with Nagpur Today, Dr Shrinaag Arun Panchabai, a student of Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar College of Law, Nagpur who recently was awarded Ph.D. for his research on Rights of Unorganized Labour and Protection guaranteed to them under the changing perspective of Labour Legislation in India-“A critical study”.

Dr Shrinaag Panchabai said that he is a Senior Professor of Law College Mumbai. While explaining about some of the startling facts that came to fore during his research, he said that 92% of workforce in India falls in the unorganized sector. This includes both the genders, all religions, castes and creeds. He went to claim that 36 crore people are exploited everyday in India, since many labour-welfare laws are never implemented.

He claimed that some of his findings claimed that there is no Central Legislation for the protection of unorganized labour force. He claimed that social security laws like Provident Fund, ESIC, Gratuity, Bonus, and Maternity Benefits are not extended to the unorganized labour. This unorganized work force includes contract workers which most of companies hire, thus escaping the mandatory laws which requires them to pay all the above.

Both the first and the second National Commission for Labour of 1969 and 2002 had recommended that all these above mentioned should be given to the unorganized labour force. They also recommended that their rights should be protected. They went on to extend the definition to Marginal Livelihood earners which includes even the small vendors.

When asked about the lack of implementation of many pro-labour-welfare laws and the lack of real implementation, Panchabai said that there should be one law which will ensure the protection to unorganized labour in our country. He opined that the definition of Contract Labour clearly defines about the Regulation and Abolishment of contract labours. The Government should regulate and strive to find out when and how this concept of unorganized labour is abolished.

While speaking about the lack of implementation of very vital Acts and Laws, he said that even in metro city like Mumbai bonded labours and child labours can still be found. The government lack sufficient staff to monitor and to execute these laws. He claimed that the official machinery should be strengthened. Technical skills should be enhanced and orientation should be given to the Labour department from time to time so that they are able to ensure the implementation of these pro-labour-welfare Acts and Laws.

Dr Shrinaag Arun Panchabai was ably guided by his Doctoral Guide Dr Kishore Jambulkar. Dr Shrinaag Arun Panchabai is a happily married man with the woman behind his success, his wife Ragini Panchabai, two daughters Shreyaswe and Sakya of Panchabai who are his strength, the blessings of his parents Arun and Rekha Panchabai, his in-laws Madhukar and Vanashree Temburne without whose support, Dr Shrinaag Arun Panchabai would have never finished his research and gained a Doctorate. 

Dr Shrinaag Arun Panchabai who finished his schooling from Mahatma Gandhi Centennial Sindhi High School, his XIth and XII from Gurunanak Junior College and his Graduation in Law from Dr Baba Saheb Ambedkar College of Law is making our city proud by being the Senior Professor in Law College Mumbai.

Dr. Shrinaag  Arun Panchabai