Published On : Thu, Oct 3rd, 2013
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Shiv Sena leader saves gravely hurt cow calf, exposes VHP, self-made animal activists

Nagpur News: The Great Spiritual Leader Dalai Lama once said: “World belongs to humanity, not this leader, that leader or that king or prince or religious leader. World belongs to humanity.”

1 (40)And the humanitarian attitude is a grace to humanity. But on one occasion or the other the humanitarian attitude has been seen selectively neglected by the society when it comes to saving a mute animal. However, there are exceptions and the Yuva Shiv Sena President Aakash Sarode is certainly an exception.

Aakash and his wife Sweety were returning home after having dinner at a friend’s house located on Cement Road, Vaishali Nagar at about 12-15 in the night. Suddenly, Sweety noticed a speeding Matador hitting two cow calves with great impact. One of the calves died on the spot but the other was battling for life with grave injuries. First Aakash tried to catch the Matador driver but midway a thought struck to him to save the grievously injured calf. He arranged water and tried to drop water in the calf’s mouth to give it some strength and then went on contacting spree. Aakash first contacted the Vishwa Hindu Parishad office which is known to fight for saving cows. But nobody responded to call of Aakash. Sources even said that the VHP office-bearers received the phone but neglected his demand for help.

Aakash then approached Nagpur Today’s Crime Reporter Ravikant Kamble who immediately provided him some phone numbers of police and some interested citizens. Aakash first called police who reached the spot well one hour late and shirked the responsibility saying the job pertains to Fire Brigade. In the meantime, Aakash phoned several persons who portray themselves as the so-called animal activists but nobody came forward. However, when Aakash called Fire Brigade, they provided the phone number of Karishma Galani, a die-hard animal activist. Karishma immediately got into action and sent an ambulance to the spot at about 2.30 am. The battling calf was put in the ambulance and Aakash took it to Veterinary Hospital near Alankar Talkies in Dharampeth at about 3 am. But the Night In-charge Doctor Dubey was nowhere to be seen. Aakash dug out information about the doctor and brought him to Hospital from Seminary Hills.

2 (20)3After the arrival of Dr Dubey, the treatment to seriously injured cow calf administered with saline drips and other crucial procedures. Slowly and steadily the calf started recovering and to ensure the progress, the Yuva Shiv Sena President Aakash Sarode visited the Hospital and found the calf out of danger and recovering speedily.

However, the entire episode badly exposed the so-called animal activists and VHP by their irresponsible attitude and terrible lack of humanitarian sense. Aakash wholeheartedly thanked Karishma  Galani for timely help in sending the ambulance and condemned and protested the senseless behaviour of the so-called other animal activists. He appropriately demanded an Ambulance for Animals and Helpline for 24 hours. The other Yuva Shiv Sena workers who participated in “Save Calf Exercise” include Tinku Singh Digwa, Monu Sarode, Saigal, Mowgli, Amol, and Dr Chaurasia.