Published On : Fri, May 17th, 2013
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Shiv Sainiks go ballistic over BJP “plan” to contest Ramtek Lok Sabha seat

Shiv Sena activists dare BJP to first win the Nagpur seat, the party has been contesting since past several years, and then focus the sight on the Ramtek.

Nagpur News:

The frequently uttered words, “ Delhi Abhi Dur Hain” (Delhi is far away) by umpteen numbers of people over the specific situations in the context of any delayed activities, it appears, have not understood properly by Shiv Sena and Bharatiya Janata Party leaders as far as Lok Sabha elections are concerned (The general elections are scheduled next year).

However, both the political parties are at loggerheads over the crucial Ramtek Lok Sabha Constituency even before no sign of the elections taking place in near future. (Notwithstanding the fast changes take place in political scenarios). The Shiv Sainiks, falling prey to rumours or ground reality, have gone ballistic over the BJP “plan” to grab the Ramtek constituency for its candidate from the traditional seat of Shiv Sena.

According to reports, The BJP is trying hard to snatch the constituency by offering the Shiv Sena a constituency from its quota out of Vidarbha in order to satisfy the “Roaring Tiger.” The Shiv Sainiks went red-faced as soon as they got a hint of the BJP’s “plan” and have strongly retorted and dared BJP to try and win the Nagpur seat, the party has been contesting since past several years, first, and then focus the sight on the Ramtek constituency. The angry Shiv Sainiks feel if the BJP grabs both the seats the existence of Shiv Sena in Nagpur district could be in a political danger, and, the party would die a “humiliating death.”

It may be recalled that even though the BJP, Shiv Sena have alliance on state-level, hardly both the parties treaded the path together on various important issues. The Shiv Sena activists including Deputy President of Nagpur District Shiv Sena Ashok Zingare have thrown a gauntlet to BJP to first win the Nagpur seat and then claim the Ramtek seat. The political reality is the Shiv Sena lacks a powerful Scheduled Caste leader to contest the Ramtek constituency which was previously in the open category, but now, has been resrved for a SC candidate. The BJP, in this context, might be planning to contest the seat as the party has a series of big leaders falling under the SC category.

According to sources, the Nagpur district Shiv Sena team is likely to undergo major changes in this month and the present office-bearers might be replaced with some powerful and die-hard Shiv Sainiks. A crucial meeting has been proposed onMay 20 wherein the party will review the works of senior office-bearers of the party and will prepare a detailed report on various activities the party had undertaken in recent months. The report would be submitted to Acting President of Shiv Sena Uddhav Thackeray who is likely to announce new office-bearers.

The Acting President of Shiv Sena Uddhav Thackeray has gone into poll mode and has called a meeting in Mumbai fromMay 18 of all the office-bearers from 22 constituency from where either Shiv Sena candidates won the 2009 Lok Sabha polls or contested from the constituencies including office-bearers from Ramtek constituency. The Shiv Sena has decided to contest the 22 constituencies in 2014 Lok Sabha elections again. Meanwhile, Shiv Sena’s Public Relations chief Vinayak Raut would reach Nagpur and discuss all issues with party leaders on May 19.

According to reports, Bandu Tagde, the confidant of Vinayak Raut and Chief of Rural Shiv Sena may face axe this time and would be out of the office-bearers. The fate of other chief of rural Shiv Sena unit Pandurang Burade also hangs in balance. The party is making all out efforts to recapture the Ramtek seat and, accordingly, has started to convince the hard-core Shiv Sena leaders who were either sulking for a reason or two and were isolated by the party to come back in the main stream. Uddhav personally keeping an eye on various activities in Nagpur district.

The same situation prevails in Nagpur city Shiv Sena and it would be a surprise if the entire team of Shiv Sena is changed by Uddhav Thackeray. Today, the party is victim of groupism.  The party had witnessed a free for all between Nagpur District chief of Shiv Sena Shekhar Sawarbandhe supporters and City Chief Suraj Goje supporters during the NMC elections in 2011. The result of groupism in the party was heavy loss the party candidates had to taste defeat heavily. Several Shiv Sainiks have been demanding sacking of Sawarbandhe but the Acting President of Shiv Sena is in no mood to make any changes looking to the upcoming  Lok Sabha polls and the Assembly elections as the party will contest it from South Nagpur constituency which is stronghold of Sawarbandhe.