Published On : Fri, Aug 28th, 2015

Sheena was bearing child of a person very close to Indrani!!

sheena bora
Nagpur: The raging Sheena Bora murder case is turning shabbier and shabbier with every passing hour and grabbing headlines with one or the other bizarre twist and turn. The fresh, and perhaps the most damning, revelation points out that Sheena was bearing a child of a person very close to her mother Indrani. Sheena was pregnant and this fact most probably proved the last nail in the coffins and led to her macabre murder.

Indrani Mekerjea can easily be called one person with multiple facets. She changes her colours every minute. Change has become part of her life, not positive. Was Sheena the victim of Indrani’s changing lifestyle? Mumbai police, who are trying to go deep into the Sheena murder case for its high-profile nature suddenly stumbled into a piece of information that has provided a new twist to the entire story. The information pertained to Sheena’s pregnancy. Now, Mumbai police are scratching their heads and surmising whether Sheena was eliminated because she was pregnant? According to an officer privy to investigation Sheena was bearing child of a person very close to Indrani.

According to sources, Sheena had gone on tours to South East countries with the person in 2011. The tour was done in the garb of a business trip. In the trip, Sheena got intimate with person and as a result, became pregnant. But the intimate came to the notice of Indrani when she found two boarding passes in the luggage of this close person. The lid blew over the pregnancy fact when the person told Indrani that he was assuming Sheena as her sister. Later, Indrani talked to Sheena. Sheena told Indrani about all the facts including her pregnancy. From that day, the plot got thickened and ultimately led to spine-chilling murder of Sheena Bora, claimed the sources.