Published On : Wed, Jul 17th, 2019

Shaping the future of children is vital today says Majid Tunda

Nagpur: While taking over the charge of President of International Round Table, Majid Tunda had a lot of ideas and concepts for executing the philanthropic work globally. While speaking to media personnel, he said that he has three primary goals for the philanthropic work slated to be undertaken by Round Table International.

Getting a legal status for Round Table International. He claimed that Round Table did not have a legal status for 92 years. After a lot of efforts and gaining credibility for the self-less philanthropic activities, they now have a legal status and 56 countries have recognized them as a non-profit NGO.

Creating a digital platform: He wanted to create a digital platform where all the activities undertaken by all the Tables all over the world gets to be seen. A platform where ideas and concepts can be shared and advises from experts obtained.

Organizing and executing one global event/project where every country participates. This project that he along with a team of 10 personnel from different countries has envisaged and is working on is “Shaping the Future of the Children globally”.

Mauritius based President of International Round Table Majid Tundais a dashing man who is passionate of philanthropic work not only at macro level but also at micro level who thinks of the minute details and the concept of cause and effect relationship of the work he undertakes. He went on to say that Round Table Changes personalities. Everyone gets equal treatment in the Tables. No one is big or small. Every Tabler learns new concepts, gets trained, acquires new skills etc. which they can employ in their day to day lives too.

While speaking on fund raising, which becomes a very vital topic when it comes to large scale philanthropic activities he, said that everybody wants to give back to the society in some form or the other. Many events are organized, rallies taken out or get corporate funds (CSR). This fund raising is not an easy work yet the Round Table has achieved it. He claimed that last year alone 20 Million Euros was raised globally for various philanthropic activities. He said that they are able to raise funds because of the credibility they have gained over a period of time and more and more people are associating with them. While speaking about the different way each country raises funds for social and philanthropic work, he spoke of the Tablers in Seychelles who organize one event annually where nearly 60-70 thousand people participate and raise a whopping sum of 100000 Euros which they then donate to the Prime Minister’s relief fund which in turn is used during some national calamity.

Immediate Past President National Round Table India and International Relations Organizer Tabler Dhruv Dalmia while speaking about their successful completion of tenure said that philanthropy cannot be gradedas good or bad. He went on to say that their National vision- “Freedom Through Education” has come a long way, what started 25 years ago has achieved its target. This year after the new National Executive Body took charge, they have decided to take it one step further. Not only will they felicitate in educating the under-privileged but also strive to get them employed. They are now working on compiling the data of children who have passed out from the school they (Round Table India) have helped in building and sending them for skill development training and eventual placements. So far around 650 children have been successfully placed. He said that Round Table and its work is its regional strength. He added that Round Table adds value to Community and add value to self too.

So far they have identified 6800 children all over India. All the Chapters are collecting Data. Last year they have organized two Job Fairs (in Kolkata and Guwahati) where nearly 1000 youngsters participated and on the spot nearly 300 got placed. KFC a food giant employed 70 youth, Future Group employed 45 youth on the spot.

Tabler Dhruv Dalmia claimed that Round Table India now has an ISO Certification (for credibility), FCRA Account (for International Contributions and Funds) and a strict Internal and external Audit (for transparency).

Chairman of Round Table International for Asia Pacific (ASPA) Region (2019-20) Jayant Agrawal while speaking of the philanthropic work in 10 countries from India to New-Zealand said that the work is pretty challenging since the countries are different in terms of Political, Demography etc. They are diverse in nature so one programme or one standard cannot be employed for all the countries. He said he has to develop, identify the problems/needs and then execute a programme of reaching out and addressing a particular need.

While giving an example he said that in Ceylon (Sri Lanka), he said that they work for women who have undergone domesticate abuse.

Convener of Asia Pacific (ASPA) Extension and FellowshipD K Singh said that last year they have extended to Nigeria and Maldives and this year they intend to extend in Cameroon, Rwanda and Ukraine. He went on to say that in the next 1.5 years, Round Table International will establish its Tables in Bangladesh.

The above dignitaries were in the city for the Yarana-Change Over Banquet (COB) for Round Table India. Also present were Yarana COB Co-Convener TablerNilayVerma and Area 3 Honorary TablerSharadAgrawal