Published On : Fri, Sep 5th, 2014

Sex Workers, residents of Ganga Jamuna take out candle-light march to condole Yug Chandak’s murder

Pic-6Nagpur News.

The society often tends to call Commercial Sex Workers with vile names and consider them heartless. However, in a unique action to prove that they too have a tender heart, which feels bad for the murder of the poor child Yug Chandak, the Commercial Sex Workers of Ganga Jamuna and the residents took out a candle march through the narrow lanes of the area and on to the main road.

The Hazrat Baba Kamli Shah Panch Committee of Ganga Jamuna had organized the march. More than 200 residents had gathered on the occasion.

In an exclusive talk with Nagpur Today, some of Commercial Sex Workers said that these murderers should be hanged in public. The masses will get a message that such a gruesome murder will invite public wrath and public hanging, so that others will abstain from such acts. These Commercial Sex Workers also said that they want to send their heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family. However, they added that no amount of consoling words can console the bereaved family. They also claimed that the anger that they have against the killers will get quenched only when the two murderers are hanged.