Published On : Tue, Mar 12th, 2019

Selfless Souls celebrates women power in light hearted manner

Sonal Dhone, Nikki Rangoonwala & Swati Kriplani

Nagpur: International Women’s Day celebration was a much memorable affair at a dedicated event organised by Selfless Souls. While the celebration was replete with whole lot of fun and bonanza inspiration for women, the bits included dance, music, games along with other competitions to keep the leading ladies thoroughly engaged. Nikki Rangoonwala, Sonal Dhone & Swati Kriplani were the organizers of the event.

Not only the fun, the event also saw the proud moments of honor and recognition conferred upon the participants for their exemplary contributions towards the welfare of society. However this was acknowledged in rather quirky and twisted ways to add to the fun. Titles like longest hair, best dance were also given to the participants.
Reema Verma a cake artist sponsored the cake to celebrate womanhood.

Sonali Arora winner of beauty pageant, along with Moina Siddique make up artist. Make tips and skin care were discussed as ladies rechecked their beauty parameters. Winners of the various games were awarded with trophy sponsored by Hyaat Boutique.

Swati Kriplani, Rakhi Kukreja, Nikki Rangoonwala & Payal Budhraja

Shivani Sharma

Poonam Sharma, Sheetal Gohtra & Tejal Khara

Payal Budhraja, Lavleen Bhatia & Nancy Dheer

Pankti Khemchandani,Rakhi Kukreja,Sheena Harode & Priyanka Kothari

Palvinder Sahu

Moina Siddique

Deepali Mishra,Bhavita Shrimankar,Mukta Gulati,Renee Alag & Gauhar Lakhani

Deepali Mishra & Bhavita Shrimankar

Bhavita Shrimankar,Renee Alag & Deepali Mishra

Tanvi Mulchandani

Sonali Arora & Meena Bhanarkar

Sonal Dhone & Meeta Gulati

Shweta Amol

– Pics By Rajesh Bansod