Published On : Tue, Dec 22nd, 2015

Seeking admission abroad? Beware from tall promises of consultancies in Nagpur!


Nagpur/New Delhi:The Sunday incident at Hyderabad airport, where 19 Indian students were stopped from boarding their flight to San Francisco, has come as high alert among Nagpur students wanting to seek admissions in foreign universities. These students were allegedly prevented from boarding the flight as the US universities they were going to seek admission in, were ‘blacklisted’ and under ‘scanner’, as informed by US authorities.

The incident unfurled a wave a shock and dismay among hordes of students in Nagpur. These mainly included those who have paid whopping sum to the consultancies mediating their admission to these so called universities. Not only admission the consultancies in Nagpur doling out job assurances abroad have also come under scanner. “Not all such agencies are fake and irresponsible but it rests upon students to conduct primary check before making the move. This helps them keep any inconvenience at bay,” a career expert told Nagpur Today.

Apart from these 19 students who were prevented from embarking the flight, there were 2 other groups of students which were deported from San Francisco on the similar ground. All of these students were heading to the Silicon Valley University at San Jose and North Western Polytechnic College, Fremont, both in California; these universities have been blacklisted by the US, according to information provided to Air India by the US Customs and Border protection agency.

Many of those deported were from Hyderabad but there were students from Delhi, Chhattisgarh and other states too. All of them had “revoked” stamped across the US visa stamp.

Nagpur Today conducted a quick review of the city scenario and discovered that every year large number of students gets attracted to the job fairs and similar admission propositions to foreign universities. In the latest matter, the US authorities along with Air India alerted the students in time and prevented them from further ‘humiliation’ and ‘embarrasment’. It turned out that it did not happen in most of the cases where students fall in the trap of such consultancies only to land in sheer disappointment.

“Nobody bothers once the students reach foreign land and many of these consultancies care least about what happened to them,” informed an insider from the related field.

In the past also, the students who secured admission in those institutions have been deported to India as soon as they land there.

“We were interrogated for 14-15 hours by the FBI. We were all kept in one cell. It was humiliating, we were not allowed to go anywhere and were told that we have to return immediately,” said Deepak, 23, whose father has a transport business.

“It was hard to raise 2-3 lakhs for a US university. Now I have been shamed publicly. How will the blemish go from my passport and from my future?” he asked. “I should not have dreamed perhaps,” he rued.

Sources alarmed that the students should get full verification done before they proceed with handing over not only their money to unrecognized consultancy or job placement agency, but also their future dreams.

“It is always better to conduct a fool proof check to proceed with such steps, so that your dreams of education abroad must not be shattered,” said a career advisor in Nagpur.