Published On : Sat, Feb 29th, 2020

‘Science March’ organised by Raman Science Centre in Nagpur

Nagpur: As a part of National Science Day celebrations, a ‘Science March’ was organized by city-based Raman Science Centre on Friday, February 28.

About 500 students from 10 schools including St. Ursula Girls, Sidhheshwar Vidyalaya, CDS, Rajendra High School, New Apostololic English High School, Dadibai Deshmukh Hindu Mulinchi Shala, Tata Parsi Girls School, Maharashtra Adhyayan Mandir, participated in the ‘Science March’ taken out from from 8.30 am to 10 am. The students gave the message of Science to the society by holding placards and slogans.

The march started from Raman Science Centre Nagpur and proceeded through Aagyaram Devi Square, S T Stand Square, Model Mill Square, Ganeshpeth, Subhash Road, and back to Raman Science Centre. Sir C. V. Raman Memorial Lecture was also organized at Raman Science Center on this occasion.

Dr. Deepak Dwivedi, Scientist, Stanford University, USA interacted with the students on the topic “Chocolates and Raman Scattering”. He gave information about the history of chocolate making, the component materials, their chemical name, properties and importance. He also explained what Raman Effect is and how Raman Scattering is applicable in chocolate industry. After the lecture, Dr Dwivedi also satisfied the student’s queries about the innovations in various other fields.