Published On : Wed, Feb 15th, 2017

SC tells Sasikala to surrender NOW, refuses to give her more time

Chennai: All roads lead to Bengaluru Central jail for VK Sasikala.

The Supreme Court refuses any more time for Sasikala to surrender. All options are closed.

KTS Tulsi, Sasikala’s lawyer told Justice Ghosh today that she needs more time to sort out her affairs.

Reports say the court was categoric and in fact irritated that she has yet not surrendered. The court said it will not give any further relief and she has to go and surrender immediately. No breather for Sasikala, the court said, and added that it had passed judgment and can’t give more time.

The court was annoyed that Sasikala has not shown any urgency to surrender since the verdict was read yesterday afternoon. The court has told Sasikala to go to the Bengaluru court and then surrender.

Since she is still in Chennai, it will take at least six hours to reach Bengaluru. Courts normally close at 4 pm. Stay with us for the Sasikala soap opera.