Published On : Thu, Jun 17th, 2021

SBI Branch Manager, another man robbed by cyber crooks in city

Nagpur: Despite City Cyber Police cautioning people about a gang of cyber criminals active in Nagpur, two men fell prey to the tricks of the crooks. Surprisingly, one of the victims is Branch Manager of State Bank of India.

A resident of Plot No. 403, Rachana Vishwa Apartment, Katol Road, Rambhau Taktewale (49), is Manager of State Bank of India (SBI) at VNIT Branch. An unidentified miscreant used Rambhau’s ATM card and withdrew a total of Rs 2.30 lakh with transaction of Rs 10,000 each that too 23 times. Shockingly, the SBI Branch Manager could not check the fraudulent withdrawals from his ATM card 23 times on a single day on June 14 between 9.23 am and 15.05 pm.

Bajaj Nagar Woman PSI Rane, based on Rambhau’s complaint, booked the unidentified fraudster under Sections 379, 420, 34 of the IPC and probing the matter further.

Similarly, a 59-year old Arvind Ramrao Ingle, resident of Navapura, near Hanuman Temple, Kotwali, was tricked and robbed of 78,000 by an unidentified man who used Arvind’s ATM card for fraudulent transactions on June 15.

Arvind Ingle had gone to an ATM of SBI at Nandanvan Cement Road around 10.15 am. However, he was facing difficulty in withdrawing money from the ATM. A miscreant, aged about 30, on the pretext of helping Arvind, took his ATM card and pretended to withdraw money after procuring PIN from Arvind. During the same time, the trickster diverted Arvind’s attention and swapped his (Arvind’s) ATM card with his own fake card. With Arvind’s ATM card and PIN, the unidentified criminal went on shopping at Big Bazaar and cheated Arvind to the tune of Rs 78,000.

Kotwali Woman PSI Tarade, acting on Arvind’s complaint, registered a case against the unidentified trickster under Sections 406, 420 of the IPC and searching for him.