Published On : Tue, Nov 24th, 2015

Satish Chaturvedi and Sulekha Kumbhare to seek ‘sanyas’ from active politics!


Nagpur: Frustrated by downward trend of their political career, both senior political leaders of the district, Satish Chaturvedi and Sulekha Kumbhare are said to have told their individual supporters and party-workers that they will not contest any public elections in future. Such news has sent the mixed waves of sorrow and joy among political party circles.

According to sources, Chaturvedi, on the occasion of Diwali-meet, openly told the party workers that he was disinterested in contesting any public elections. Such a statement of his implies that he may remain in politics from behind the veil or he may not contest next election at all, meaning that he has quit politics.

Similarly, Sulekha Kumbhare too has cleared that she does not have any wish to possess political portfolio, and rather she would devote more time in religious activities. Making it clear that she would not contest any political elections in future, she has however said that she would be with party workers during their struggles.
In fact both political personalities are upset over their downward tending graph in politics, and their popularity has slipped down to just 5%. During past 10 years they have not enjoyed any important political portfolio.
Chaturvedi still in race

Despite his open declaration of ‘sanyas’ from politics, Satish Chaturvedi is believed to be in race for MLC, the elections to which will be held in December. It is said that the candidature of sitting MLC Rajendra Mulak will be last this time. Even Thakre was offered a chance for becoming MLC, but he got frightened by seeing the expenditure. On the other hand, Chaturvedi has apprised Congress High Command about his preparedness to bear expenditure for MLC election. Now all eyes are set at party high command as to who will get candidature for MLC this time. It may be mentioned here that the politics is also based on relationship.