Published On : Wed, Feb 26th, 2014

Sarpanch of Nagulwadi murders one innocent man over political rivalry

Three murders rock city in last 24 hours.

Deceased Mahendra Bhope

Deceased Mahendra Bhope

Nagpur News.

The gang-war and the resultant murder in Hasanbagh had hardly cooled down when there was another murder in Kalamna where a youth was killed. The third incident occurred on February 26, 2014. At around 10:30 am, a Sarpanch of Village Nagulwadi murdered the brother of his political opponent.

The murderer is identified as Gyaneshwar Chaurey Lapkale who won the Sarpanch Elections in 2009 from Nationalist Congress Party. The victim is identified as Mahendra Bhope.

On February 26, 2014, at around 10:30 am, Gyaneshwar Chaurey along with 10 to 15 people went to the victim Mahendra Bhope’s house and attacked all the family members. Bhope’s family retaliated and fought back in order to defend themselves. However, Mahendra Bhope who had two swords struck which had gone through and through and the other one which had gone through and through from his hips, resulted in his death on the spot. The police officials and the media personnel who visited the site said that the murder was committed with very cruel intentions and very cruelly. The entire house and the compound was splattered with blood and copious amounts was blood was seen at the scene.

The brothers of Mahendra Bhope, Mahesh Bhope and Sachin Bhope who were also attacked are said to be in a very critical condition.

The motive of the entire episode could be termed as political and criminal intentions.

In 2009, a Sarpanch Election was held in Nagulwadi Village. Mahesh Bhope, the brother of the victim fought the election from BJP against Gyaneshwar Chaurey who fought from NCP. Mahesh Bhope lost in the elections and Gyaneshwar Chaurey won the elections and was elected as the Sarpanch. After some day’s Mahesh Bhope filed a case against Gyaneshwar Chourey with the Election Commission alleging that Gyaneshwar Chaurey was using two surnames i.e. Chaurey and Lapkale, which against the law. This caused the suspension of Gyaneshwar Chaurey for some months.

In the next election too both the rivals Gyaneshwar Chaurey fought from NCP while Mahesh Bhope fought from BJP. This time too, Mahesh Bhope filed a case against Gyaneshwar Chaurey with the Election Commissioner saying that Gyaneshwar is using two surnames which is against the law.

However, this time, Gyaneshwar Chaurey saw the end of his political career being threatened. So he went to Mahesh Bhope’s house and attacked the family members in which Mahendra Bhope was killed on the spot, while the other two brothers are critical. They have been admitted in Indira Gandhi Government Medical College and Hospital (IGGMCH) also known as Mayo Hospital. An innocent man was killed in the tiff between two political rivals for no fault of his.

Till the filing of the story, the main accused Gyaneshwar Chaurey was arrested along with some more accomplices. The Wadi police, when contacted by Nagpur Today said that the police has already registered a case against Gyaneshwar Chaurey and his accomplices under section 302 of IPC. They are investigating into the matter to ascertain of the involvement of some more people and the other motive behind the gruesome murder.