Published On : Tue, Sep 21st, 2021
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Sandeep Raheja and the Foundation Has Prioritised Education, Always!

The Sheila Gopal Raheja Foundation was established in 1998 and named after the late Sheila Raheja, wife of late Gopal Raheja. The foundation includes five colleges, focused on undergraduate and graduate studies. Sandeep Raheja and Durga are deeply involved in growing the foundation and under them, the foundation has only flourished. Sandeep Raheja has always been in the foreground of making the foundation a Public Charitable Trust that had been registered under the Bombay Public Trusts Act in 1998. The trust aims to deliver unparalleled education at global standards and has provided Indians with top quality education. Additionally, Durga Raheja has initiated and managed multiple other charitable.


Sandeep and Durga are involved in all aspects of this endeavour, from supporting the foundation, to maintaining it to providing grant aid. The colleges offer their building libraries, reading rooms, boarding and lodging facilities to all students. Furthermore, the colleges provide the students with study materials and aid opportunities for various education levels including undergraduate and graduate courses. The benefits of scholarship grants, prizes, stipends, grants-in-aid, and loans can also be availed by Indian students under their various initiatives.


Apart from working to provide education to the youth of the country, Sandeep Raheja and his family has also focused their concern on public and societal development. They have opened and maintained public rest houses, parks, and recreation grounds long time. They have also built auditoriums and drama theatres that focus on promoting and encouraging art, dance, theatre, literature and music. These centres actively display theatrical dramas, musical activities, cultural activities, and the practice of art.


Sandeep Gopal Raheja has always upheld his Indian tradition and roots and therefore has worked ardently to take his foundation to a global level. While the trust commenced activities in 1952, it has thrived and blossomed rapidly over the years. With sheer dedication and true spirits, Sandeep has helped educate multiple children from all over Maharashtra, and encouraged them to specialise in various fields of study.  The colleges include specialisations in architecture, hotel management, and business management.


All the initiatives aim to provide a favourable environment to grow and a number of opportunities to the young students of India. The whole idea, according to Sandeep Raheja is to drive their moral values and passions into societal settings. There is always the door for learning and growth available for everybody. With the Raheja foundation, the youth in this country stands to attain a very strong and resilient future.