Published On : Sat, Dec 23rd, 2017

Samruddhi Corridor to have 31 toll booths: RTI

Nagpur: As per the RTI, motorists will have to pay at 31 toll booths while driving on the most awaited and controversial Samruddhi Corridor. Though it is going to ease up the travelling, it will burn a hole in the motorist’s pocket. Toll analyst Sanjay Shirodkar who received the information through an RTI also states that a motorist will end up paying ₹15,000 to ₹20,000.

Currently, one takes 16 to 17 hours to reach Nagpur from Mumbai which comprises of 800 km. With the help of Samruddhi Corridor, motorists will reach Nagpur by covering only 710 km. This corridor needs 20,820-hectare land which belongs to the farmers who are not ready to give up their land. They have sought help from the Bombay High Court and the case is still pending.

This ambitious project of the state has not received approval from the environmental ministry. The master plan is not ready yet and MSRDC decided the number of tolls. This is a serious issue the government should look into,” Sanjay Shirodkar, toll analyst.

These are the toll booths

Mumbai to Nagpur will have 5 entry-exit points and on these points, there will be 31 toll booths,

Interchange- 1 will have 6 toll booths

Interchange- 2 will have 7 toll booths

Interchange- 3 will have 8 toll booths

Interchange- 4 will have 2 toll booths

Interchange- 5 will have 8 toll booths