Published On : Mon, Dec 15th, 2014

Salman Khan fumes over Karishma Tanna’s response, leaves Bigg Boss set in rage

Karishma Tanna & Salman Khan
The often sporting Salman Khan in the reality show Bigg Boss 8 shows off her angry side once again as he fumingly left the sets in anger after one of the house inmates Karishma Tanna’s response to his suggestion did not go down well with the Bollywood superstar.

It must be of knowledge that the erstwhile in-love people Puneet, Pritam, Praneet and Gautam, jointly known as P3G, broke up and Pritam and Praneet were lately seen to drift towards Karishma and Upen. So, Pritam, who was earlier seen to be under the ‘chhatra chaaya’ of Puneet Issar, is not said to be greatly influenced by Karishma.

Salman Khan, who has a fondness for the P3G quatret, started teasing Karishma and Pritam, indirectly linking them up. The notable point here is that while Pritam Singh is a married man with a son and a pregnant wife, Karishma is said to be in a committed relationship with a model actor.

The ‘joking around’ didn’t seem to go down well with the actress and she began crying. When Pritam asked Karishma why she was crying, she said it is not funny to joke around all the time.

It was then, that Salman told Karishma that ‘Bigg Boss’ is an entertainment show and they all were having fun. If she wants it to be a boring show, all can sit back and do nothing. He also said that everyone even teases co-contestants Dimpy Mahajan and Ali Quli Mirza, but they seem to take it sportingly. When Upen Patel wanted to interrupt to explain Karishma’s side, Salman told him not to argue and get in between. A rather seemingly upset Salman then stormed off the stage.

However, Salman was brought back to the dais and a weeping Karishma explained her side to the ‘Dabangg’ Khan. Salman didn’t seem much impressed with the answers, though.

The history of the last year seems to have been repeating itself as last year it was Gauahar Khan, who was mostly at the receiving end of Salman’s wrath. Gauahar later went on to become the winner of the show. So this year will it be the ‘caty’ Karishma Tanna?