Published On : Tue, Jul 22nd, 2014

Sagar Meghe shifts base to Dubai with family!

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Embroiled in the political pressure, Sagar Meghe had reportedly left for Dubai with his family. Sources said he also has plans up his mind to settle there. The rift between Meghe clan and Rajendra Mulak had been in news for quite a long time now and it was speculated that Sagar Meghe may leave the country owing to the increasing political pressure.

The problem started when Sagar Meghe registered a defeat in the recently held Lok Sabha elections from Wardha seat. Meghe family, for the first time, faced a miserable defeat and then started the blame game. Meghes alleged that State Minister of Finance and Planning Rajendra Mulak played key role in ensuring Sagar’s poll debacle. The Meghe clan, who had been loyal to Congress for a long time, quit the party and joined Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) citing Congress Party’s cold shoulder towards them. Sources informed that the rift strengthened after the news appeared that Sameer Meghe was looking to contest coming assembly elections from West Nagpur seat that Mulak had been eying for the past two years.

To return after assembly polls?

Meanwhile Sagar reportedly could not take the pressure and left for Dubai with his wife and daughter after July 5. A close source from the family said that Sagar had gone for a short time and he may come back after assembly elections. While other sources claim that Sagar wanted to flourish his education business in Dubai and thus the later trip is just a part of it.

Sagar was unwilling to join politics

However, Sagar Meghe, known for his helpful nature in his close circle, was said to be not much inclined towards politics since the start of his career. However, owing to the political crisis his father Datta Meghe was facing, he moved ahead to help his father and younger brother Sameer Meghe. Sagar is also known as a hard worker and loyal towards father, and had always been attracted to creative work in politics.

Defeat turned the world upside down

Sagar’s decision to contest Lok Sabha elections was also a fall out of the pressure he was facing from his father. Interestingly, he wanted his younger brother to contest the elections. And all hell broke loose when Sagar Meghe failed miserably in the elections. Rajendra Mulak, son-in-law of Datta Meghe, was being blamed for the defeat which resulted in deepening of the already weak relationship of the two. And final blow was the switch over of the Meghes to BJP which further deepened the rift.


Sagar could not stand political tug of war

The tension between Sameer Meghe and Rajendra Mulak over West Nagpur seat saw another tug of war between the two families. Datta Meghe had announced that if Mulak declared his ticket from West Nagpur, Sameer would step out of the battle. However, Mulak cannot declare his own name and thus, Sameer is adamant in contesting the seat from West Nagpur. Datta Meghe has been reportedly trying to convince Sudhakar Deshmukh to sacrifice his seat for the sake of Sameer but Deshmukh is also adamant and not willing to leave the seat.

However, all these political somersaults stressed up Sagar Meghe who finally declared his exile and left for Dubai after July 5. It would be interesting to witness the upcoming strategies of Meghe family and comeback of Sagar Meghe.