Published On : Wed, Aug 3rd, 2016

Saga of heroic achievement of 2 lesbians ends on tragic note as both commit suicide

two lesbians commit suicide
A long story of heroic achievement of the two lesbians, who fought all odds to get married, ended on a tragic note as both reportedly committed suicide by hanging in their Bajrang Nagar house on Tuesday night under mysterious circumstances.
Though speculations are rife over the possible reason behind the extreme step, fissures in their relationship could have been the cause, it is learnt. The role of the assumed brother of one of the lesbians in the tragic incident is suspicious. Ajni cops, as of now, have registered a case of accidental death and investigating the matter thoroughly.

The deceased lesbians Neha (22) and Bali alias Sanjana (25) originally hailed from Paoni town in Bhandara District. Their friendship was unbelievable. Neha and Sanjana had arrived in city 3-4 months back and were staying as tenants in the house of Telang in Bajrang Nagar area of Ajni. Sanjana’s brother too was staying with them. The trio, apart from doing jobs with a property dealer, was also doing petty private works. According to sources, a brawl reportedly erupted between Neha and Sanjana over an unspecified issue on Tuesday night. Sanjana brother was present at that time. During the heated spat, Neha tried to end her life by jumping from the terrace of the house a couple of times. But was prevented by some neighbouring youths. In the meantime, “grabbing the opportunity,” Sanjana hanged herself with the intention of ending her life. Taken aback by the development, Neha and Sanjana brother took her to GMCH but she reportedly succumbed midway. Traumatized by Sanjana’s death, Neha returned home hastily and ended her life too by hanging. After a while, Sanjana’s brother too returned home but heavily drunk and without disclosing the tragic incidents to anybody, slyly vanished from the scene. The suicides by Neha and Sanjana came to light when the house owner Telang returned in the night and went to the upper floor of the house. There he saw both Sanjana and Neha hanging motionless. He immediately alerted Ajni police.

Speculations run wild:
Even as Ajni police started their investigation to dig out truth behind suicides by two lesbians, speculations over the possible reasons reached feverish pitch in the area. It is being talked that both Neha and Sanjana were lesbians and had married with each other. Both were apparently disillusioned about their future as a same-sex couple. It appears that the two girls were in a relationship but they were depressed about the uncertainty of their future, which is why they committed suicide. Relatives of the two deceased have been informed about the incident.

Ajni police as of now have registered a case of accidental death and launched a thorough investigation.

Notably, Nagpur Today, on Sunday the June 19, 2016, had flashed a report titled “Sunday Soup : Two lesbians who fought odds to get married in Nagpur” wherein it was reported ‘It forms a perfect Bollywood plot that drives a love story towards happy ending but it comes with a different twist that is usually not seen in any masala flick. Meet Vijaya and Sujata (names changed), two happy go lucky girls whose friendly relationship gradually grew into deep love resulting into their marriage. Probably this is the first case of official yet legal lesbian marriage that went ahead under police protection in Nagpur. Both the girls went all the way to Dongargarh and got married there recently. However it was not that easy! It took a complete phase of being loved and lost and then being together again.

While speaking exclusively with Nagpur Today, the dominant and tom-boyish girl named Vijaya said that her dream finally got fulfilled when she married the girl she loved for nearly 3 years. Vijaya said that she loved her partner Sujata and would cherish her love while take care of her for the rest of her life. When asked how and when this love blossomed, Vijaya told Nagpur Today that it all began when she was only 16 years. She always loved the company of girls. She felt drawn to beautiful girls. She failed to understand when some of her classmates in school spoke about handsome boys. She continued her life with her dreams of a life with a beautiful girl. However, she kept these feeling to herself. Being born with an elder brother and a younger brother, she grew up to be tom-boy. Vijaya said that after she finished her SSC examinations, unlike other girls of her age who spoke of joining some college and falling in love with some boy, she wanted to fall in love with some girl.

She certainly was not manly in her appearance nor was she looking like a tansgender as some of you would assume. She looked like any other girl.

So when did she find her true love?
While answering to this question she said that she had experienced three heart-breaks too before she found her true love. She said that there were girls who pretended to love me but were not only pretending to be my partner for my money but were also cheating me by having boyfriends. She said that after finishing her 12th, she got a job as ward help in a government hospital on a temporary basis. There she met this girl Sujata. The chemistry was instant. What started with sharing lunch, soon advanced into sharing clothes, other goodies and often visiting each others’ home. By the end of that year, they became inseparable. However, both seem to hit it off right from the first day.

two lesbians commit suicide
In the beginning the parents of Vijaya and Sujata did not suspect anything. They just assumed that these girls are just very close friends. One day, Sujata spoke about how her parents are hell bent in getting her married to anyone. She made clear to Vijaya that if she could live with her, she would eventually die. Driven by youthful exuberance and high spirit, Vijaya took Sujata to Jabalpur. They lived together in one room house for a month where they rediscovered each other. They also consummated their relationship as couple. However, soon they had to return to Nagpur as they ran out of money. Back home both of them received severe reprimand from their parents. They stayed away from each other for four months. However, they were in touch with each other through mobile phone.

Sujata’s parents started pressing her for marrying off to a boy while she kept on rejecting every proposal coming her way. She was fully smitten by her love for Vijaya. She was illegally detained at home and not permitted to go out or speak to anyone.

Vijaya visited her often. Irked by this continuous harassment and hell-hole life, the girl decided to leave her home.

Two weeks ago, Sujata accompanied Vijaya and went to Wadi Police Station and filed a complaint seeking police protection and the permission to leave her house. The cops assured of immediate action if the parents harassed them.

As both moved in together at Vijaya’s house, Sujata’s parents kept coming to them and insisted on returning home. Tired of repeated bothering from Sujata’s parents, Vijaya asked Sujata’s parents to give in writing that they are forcibly taking their daughter with them and they alone would be responsible for anything that happens to Sujata. After denying a lot, they agreed to give in writing at Wadi Police Station.

At Wadi police station, the girls reported the entire episode and told how they loved each other and wanted to live together and how Sujata’s parents are harassing them. The Wadi cops assured of making the parents understand that they are majors and can live their life as they want. The parents created a scene in the police station, however, the cops reprimanded them and warned the parents not to interfere in their lives anymore.

With that the girls came back to Vijaya’s house. Both went to Dongargarh and got married’.

By Ravikant Kamble