Published On : Mon, Jun 29th, 2020

Sa Re Ga Ma Cultural Gp Webinar- Impact of Covid 19

Sa Re Ga Ma Cultural Gp organized a Webinar on ” Impact of Covid 19 on Cultural World of Nagpur ” live on Zoom Platform. Dr. Sanjay S Uttarwar renowned Motivational Speaker and singer was resource person for webinar. Majority of people from cultural field was on line for the webinar. At the beginning organizer welcome Speaker and all on line participants.

Webinar starts with details of cultural heritage of Nagpur. Speaker share all legendary figures of cultural world with gathering. He gave brief idea about cultural scenario of Nagpur and activities which took place before lockdown. Later on he gives brief introduction of various cultural Music and Drama groups of Nagpur and their activities. Swarwedh —– Ad. Bhanudsji and Dr. Sheela Kulkarni ,Raga to Rock —- Sanjeev and Sangeeta Jagtap ,Heart Beats —- Prashant Sahare / Sanjivani Buty ,Harmony Events —- Mr. Rajesh Samarth ,Sejal Entertainment —- Sanjay Borkar/ Pratima Borkar ,Sonorous —- Rupali Roy ,Swardhuni —– Anshu Buty / Vandana Deshbhratar ,Sing On —– Mr and Mrs Sharma, SurSaptak — Padmja Sinha/ Suchitra Katarkar and Team ,SurSangam —- Sachin and Surbhi Dhomne ,Swarmilan —- Jaiprakash Malviya and Team ,Kaladalan —- Madhvi Pande ,Swargandha —- Arun Ozarkar and Team K J Musical —– Jassi, Pratikruti Events —- Vinay Shukla ,Harmonica Entertainment —- Bhaskar Waghule / Raju Chopde ,Music and Me —- Shalini Sinha ,Swar Sargam — Sadhana Singh , Sargam —- Unnikrushnan ,Sur Sadhana —- Shruti Jain / Shyam Jain,Surspandan —- Pranay Kuthe ,Rajnigandha —- Parineeta Maturkar ,Saptasur —– Manoj Tambe, Karaoke Singers Club — Praful Shah,Shub shyam Karaoke Gp — Shyam Dhomne ,Ubharte Sitare — Yuvraj Chaudhary, Mansi Panpaliya, Alpa Talaviya, Ashish Hadke , Nanda Dongre Isbabul Hasan. Drama and Stage Artists of Nagpur are Mrs. Vaidehi Soitkar ,,Mrs. Sanjeevani Chaudhary , Mr. Abhay Anjikar.

While explaining about Impact of Covid 19 , Dr. Uttarwar says that on on 15th March 2020
Lock Down announced and all Musical activities comes to stand still.Uncertainty is about time period of Lock down and its extension. Nagpurs Musical auditoriums gets closed and all people associated with stage activity comes in critical situation. There are some people for whom these programs are the source of Bread and Butter.

Musicians who are engaged throughout the week , lost their work.Sound , Light, Stage artists also came in lurch because shows had stopped. And Singers for some it is passion, For some source of income , For some it is a hobby, All things gets stopped. As every thing came to stand still , Each one was worried what to do and How. Covid 19 has taught us effective use of Online avenues .And people starts exploring it from their end. And live shows gets organized and now a days doing well. Event organizers starts exploring various avenues for online presentation of musical concerts. Which are FB, You Tube, Zoom etc….

While talking about lacuna of present shows , he says that there is No Coordination among Musical Group about shows. Same day , same time there are simultaneous shows where audience gets divided. Very few people were there on line to see some programs. False representation takes place. Audience losing their interests in online program because of deterioration of quality of some presentations. Without proper practice and hard work some programs are coming up , which are harming cultural heritage of city. Now its on line , Globally people are looking your show , at if it is not to the mark , we all Nagpurians are loosing our credibility. No body takes care of it. One should not forget that , their program is observed by audience globally and your presentation decides quality of Nagpur cultural world in the eyes of viewer. So Take care. He also mention that three four musical groups has done very good set up for program and they are conducting nice programs there. They are Harmony events, Heart Beats, Sejal Entertainment , Sur Sanagm and others. Some music groups organize singing competitions these are SA Re Ga Ma Gp, Sonorous GP, Harmony events and some others.

While talking about Social Responsibilities , Dr. Sanjay Uttarwar says that , Assuming it as our responsibility Some cultural groups come ahead to help needy people from music Industry. They Collect Cash from society , Collect help, grocery and distribute it among needy people of our field. They has done it without disclosing the identity of beneficiaries so that they should not feel embraced in future. Here also they has requested me not to disclose their names , majority of you knows it through our various Whatsapp groups. This is a very good Noble cause and requires pat from all of us. We all are grateful , Thankful to all who has done this noble cause.

He further says that, Coming days are more critical…. Till the end of this year there is no scope for shows in halls. We all has to take care for our people whose bread depends on it. While speaking about safety he says that Some organizer are not taking proper care during organizing and presentation of shows. They should take proper care. No need to plan frequent shows without proper practices. Nothing is going to happen if we didn’t do frequent shows in coming days. After all our health is more important rather than any thing. So be careful.

Your mistakes may spoil life of any XYZ. He asks to follow all instructions issued by Govt for your as well as participants safety. While sharing future plans he says that , We are going to conduct Series of Webinars .Eminent Speakers will address various issues Give guidelines to all associated with it. Churning of Ideas will takes place. We will submit Representation with State Govt for financial assistance to artists of our musical world. Drafting of concerned letters and submitting it with Govt agencies . Request for authorities to rent hall free or minimum rent to Cultural groups who are doing their work honestly and to serve society.

Later on Question and answer session takes place where Dr. S S Uttarwar gave answers to the questions asked by audience. At the same time Mr. Prashant Sahare, Dr. Sheela Kulkarni, Mrs. Deepli Sapre express their thoughts for betterment of cultural world.
Dr. Varsha express her gratitude towards all on line guests and propose Vote of Thanks.