Published On : Mon, Jun 29th, 2020

DPS teacher shows how to use book widgets

“I never teach my pupils, I only provide them conditions in which they can learn.”- Albert Einstein

The focus of the sixth episode of Champions of Change was how the various tools being used by teachers in their virtual classrooms helps develop critical thinking and problem solving skills in the students; create conditions in which they learn.

Ms. SonalKamble, who teaches English and Social Science at DPS Lava Nagpur, demonstrated how she uses Book widgets and Coggle to make her classes vibrant and buzzing.Crossword puzzles, Timelines, Tambola using keywords and their definitions, Mind Maps were some activities that not only help her transact content but also recapitulate, assess and identify learning gaps.

Ms. NilanjanaChakroverty, a Secondary School Chemistry Educator at DPS Varanasi, shared that the four pillars of her classes were – a strong and precise content, making a connection with every student, continuous and comprehensive assessments and reteach topics in grey areas. She uses Padlet and Mentimeter to identify the learning gaps, and several tools to make her subject more relatable.

Mr. DinanathJagtap, a Middle School Math Educator at DPS Nashik, highlighted how Math is nothing but the study of numbers, shapes and patterns. When children learn to identify these elements around them, Math takes on a different connotation. When teachers offer platforms where students can freely share their mistakes the element of fear disappears and this then leads to growth and learning. Platforms like “Maths Talk” and “Maths with Us”initiated by DPS Nashik have proved to be very effective.

With these weekly sessions each educator has embarked on a journey called self-learning – an enriching and exciting journey indeed.