Published On : Sat, Jun 5th, 2021

S-excuse Me Please ! Dr. Vikramsingh P.

The well known phrase  says that “the brain is the body’s most important sex organ” speaks the truth as functional sex organs, appropriate hormone levels, and having the ability to become sexually aroused don’t guarantee good sex as other factors like the brain can get in the way.

Relationship issues, tension, and emotional distance can undermine a healthy sex life; quite often conflicts that have nothing to due with sex such as finances or children can be at the root of a sexual problem. This also works the other way too, as a sexual issue can put strain on a couple’s ability to get along.. It is even possible for a person to worry so much about their sexual performance that sex is no longer enjoyable or it may become so bad that sex may not even be possible; sexual performance anxiety is common, but it becomes even more so for both genders as they age into their 50s. ..Sexuality is a natural drive that is with you from birth, but your family, culture, religious background, media, peers, expectations, and past experiences shape your attitude towards sex; for some this history supports healthy appetite and enjoyment of sex, while others this history will complicate sexual relationships.

Stress, fatigue, and lifestyle changes can drain sex drive. Unfortunately stress can come from any direction, whether it be from work, children, finances, aging, older relatives, health concerns, and even simple things like household chores. Being overloaded with competing demands may keep you or your partner from nurturing many aspects of a relationship, be it sexual or otherwise making it important to learn how to manage stress.

To many people having a healthy sex life is an important part of a healthy and satisfying relationship, however, they are not sure where to look when problems arise, and to make matters worse many find it difficult to discuss such intimate issues with a doctor. But you shouldn’t be worried about talking with a trained medical professional, they are there to help you. Keep in mind that certain medications can also contribute to sexual problems which will need to be discussed with your doctor.

Communication can be a barrier in many aspects of life, and sex is no exception. Communication is the first step to building a better sex life and a closer emotional bond with your partner, which may start with first having a discussion with your doctor, or being referred to another medical profession, perhaps a specialist in the field if required.

Stress and fatigue are most often found to be significant factors, learning how to manage stress and fatigue could be a huge factor. Creating a more sensual and inviting environment can sometimes help, kegel exercise techniques can help to boost sexual fitness, certain medications can help to boost libido as well as function, and oils can help ease the dryness that sometimes comes with menopause. There are options to explore to help to break some of the barriers holding back sexual pleasure..

Sex is a very normal part of human life, there is no set age at which you have to stop. One of the best ways to keep sex safe is to stay in shape, manage stress, get enough sleep, follow a healthy balanced diet, very little alcohol, avoid smoking, and avoid a sedentary lifestyle. Needless to say no one should initiate sexual activity if they are not feeling well or are experiencing possible cardiac symptoms, and if symptoms occur during intercourse stop sexual activity immediately.Sex is typically safe for the heart, but one should make sure that it is also safe for the rest of the body as sexually transmitted diseases can pose a greater risk that sexually induced heart problems. When it comes to sex use your brain as well as heart and be sure to use protection. Sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise and have reached record high levels, don’t be another unfortunate statistic...

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