Bobby Makan murder case: Ruthless Little Sardar kept enmity alive

Did not allow doctors to remove bullet from his leg

Nagpur: Little Sardar, the mastermind of infamous Bobby Makan murder case was known a ruthless guy when it came to enmity. According to sources, Little Sardar would never spell out his rival’s name before the police, instead would wait for an opportunity and eliminate him.

It was his this nature that Little Sardar along with his accomplices Manjeet Wade, Honey Chandok and Citu Gaur killed Bobby. Sources said that Little, who had sustained two bullet injuries in his leg, did not allow the doctors to remove one of the bullets. He was suspecting Bobby’s hand in the incident and the bullet in his leg would always remind him of to take revenge with Bobby.

Accused – Little Sardar

With an intention to settle the scores and eliminate Bobby, Little befriended with him and later killed him. In the year 2017, when Little was attacked in front of his office, two bullets had struck his leg. Then Little had lodged a complaint against unidentified persons, deliberately avoiding Bobby’s name.

When the police arrested him in connection with Bobby’s murder, Little told the police that in 2017, the bullets were fired at him at the behest of Bobby and the bullet in his leg kept the memory of the attack fresh.

He had got removed one of the bullets with special assistance from the doctors. While only time will tell whether he would he be able to remove the second bullet as sources say that if removed, it can cause permanent disability to Little. There are speculations that the bullet in the leg would make it easy for Little to secure bail on medical grounds in Bobby Makan murder case.