Published On : Fri, Aug 21st, 2020

Rural Diary : Cop with good looks keeps criminals on tenterhooks in Khapa

Nagpur: While we all wonder what it takes to be a good looking cop, as you often see in B-town flicks, there are few in real life too, with whom you can relate vis-a-vis your larger than life heroic cop. There is no denying that real life policemen are actual heroes and there should be no comparison drawn from the masala movie Singham. But what if you encounter a real life cop who not only charms you by his looks but with his impressive demeanour and a sense of sincerity towards his profession?

Meet the good looking cop Harshal Ekre, serving as the Police Inspector at Khapa police station in Nagpur rural. The area from Patansaongi to Madhya Pradesh border near Khekranala comes under his jurisdiction. As Nagpur Today caught up with this 35 something year old man in uniform, we were certainly smitten by his looks. But more than that, his conduct towards staff and sincerity in his duty appealed the most.

Nagpur Today happened to visit Khapa police station in connection with an increasing number of mobile thefts happening at a dhaba named Forest Zone located in Chargaon, 14 kms from Khapa. While we were about to start a brief conversation with Ekre, he was addressing a meeting of villagers in connection with preparation for the Ganesh festival.

Talking exclusively with NT, Khapa PI Harshal Ekre shared his experience of serving in rural areas, dealing with local people and nonetheless the flourishing sand mafia in Khapa area.

Quizzing him about his appealing personality which resembles a true blue cop, he gently accepted the compliment but went on to claim that there are many fit and young policemen out there as the department is laying much emphasis upon fitness. He has also been a volleyball player. He candidly admits that he draws inspiration to remain fit from his K.M. Mallikarjun Prasanna, Inspector General of Police (IG), Nagpur range. “Mallikarjun often stresses about fitness among cops on many platforms and I believe in genuinely following his thought of fit policemen. This is what motivates me to keep my fitness intact and I try to bring the similar spirit among my staff as well.”

Talking about the sand mafia nexus mushrooming in rural areas of Nagpur, he said Khapa area is also prone to such illegal activities as there are huge availability of resources in the area. The increasing prices of sand have certainly led to rampant illegal ferrying of sand. He said that the cases have been on the rise recently but they had ensured to keep a regular check on it.

Ekre has no qualms on frequent transfers of policemen as he takes it as part and parcel of the profession. “Our profession is so that it requires us to shift places frequently and one should be ready for it in the line of duty,” he said.

Taking a firm stance on illegal elements and activities under his area, he straightway said that in rural areas you generally tend to know everyone. As the people involved in crime also come in contact with you, we have to tame such elements keeping the local scenario in mind as well.

All praise for Superintendent of Police, Nagpur Rural, Rakesh Ola, he exuded confidence about working under his supervision. “I must say Ola sir is the gem of the person to work with and he always guides us to probe in the right direction.”