Published On : Mon, Aug 17th, 2015

Ruling front pours interest in NMC Contractors Association

The Ruling party in the NMC has never lagged behind in imposing its dominance over each NMC-related unit or activity. Now, a team of the leaders of Ruling front have sent a letter of intent to newly elected NMC Contractors Welfare Association urging that the former be invited at the latter’s installation ceremony in which the newly elected office-bearers will take charge of their respective posts in the association. 

The Ruling party otherwise has been showing its interest in the creamy wings of NMC, be it bringing up the officials and employees and posting them on much aspired posts in the NMC, or be it placement of most favoured corporators on various bodies of NMC; and now, it is the turn of the NMC contractors welfare association whose newly elected body has come up with the indirect support of certain NMC officials and employees.

Now the Ruling party wants to dominate the NMC contractors in terms of the contract-works to be allotted and interest therein. It would also like to ensure that the contractors should carry out their assigned task without any hurdle and problem. There are many contractors who are interested in doing their job and they remain away from any sort of politics. Such contractors are less in number and they belong to lower or middle category, most of them having inclination towards Ramzan panel.

On the other hand, Nayudu panel contractors are big ones and they can afford to do politics along with contract, Nayudu himself is a leader of contractors, now by virtue of his occupying high office in the association, so he will be having upper hand in dealing with his fellow contractors. More over he has to rebuild his image which had got tarnished due to ‘naal’ issue of yester-years.

According to a source, the NMC commissioner should take special interest in dealing with contractors association whose major component is Nayudu, and the association has not yet got rid of a stigma of tender-fixing in the past.