Insects found in food served at Krishnum Restaurant, FDA seizes samples

Nagpur: Quite a furore was evident among the customers visiting at Krishnum Restaurant beside Sai Mandir on Wardha road, after a customer discovered an insect in fried rice served t9 him on Saturday. Shockingly this was second incident reported within 48 hours, as a costumer who ordered curd on Friday also found a fly in it.

Acting swiftly on the complaint, the officers of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rushed to the restaurant and seized the food samples. However, in the meantime customer has allegedly demanded Rs 1 lakh from the Krishnum franchise owner to settle the matter. Following the high voltage drama, the restro owner also lodged counter complaint against the customer.

According to sources, a costumer had visited Krishum restaurant on Saturday morning for breakfast. After ordering fried rice in the first place, he allegedly found an insect in the food. Subsequently he complained to the hotel staff who later brought another plate of fried rice. However, after finding fly in the fresh plate, the customer got pissed and started creating ruckus in the restaurant. Following the complaint the sleuths of FDA approached restaurant and conducted a probe later in the night.

In the meantime, it is reported that the costumer has allegedly called restaurant owner and demanded Rs 1 lakh over phone to settle the matter. The restaurant owner who recorded the conversation then circulated the audio clip on social media platforms and learnt to have approached the police.