RTI activist exposes NMC claims on cleanliness threadbare

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Nagpur: An RTI activist in the city has ripped apart the claims of Nagpur Municipal Corporation on cleanliness and the Swachha Nagpur campaign.

In a letter sent to Municipal Commissioner Shravan Hardikar, the RTI activist (TRAP Group) Ankita Kamlesh Shah drew his attention towards the insanitary condition prevailing in some parts of the city. The letter pointed out that in the absence of proper arrangement, the sanitation has became a store of filth and dirt. The lanes remain unswept for weeks together and garbage is gathered in heaps at the corners of the streets and lanes. Drains at the corner of the roads are covered with rubbish and have become invisible. Most of the places in the areas such as boundaries of Ram Manohar Lohia School, Umiya Shankar School, Chinteshwar Temple, Devadiya Hospital, Lakadganj Garden, Navratri Dawakhana etc.. have turned breeding grounds for flies and mosquitoes as the whole boundary premises is covered with garbage 24X7. The monsoon showers have made the places a hell. Moreover, dozens of illegal meat shops/vendors/stalls and illegal cattle sheds encroached on the roads, lanes and footpaths. In sum, the garbage and filth emit a strong foul smell and make lives of nearby residents miserable, said the letter.

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The RTI activist further said, “We wish and dream to live in a green and healthy atmosphere. Because of your negligence and ignoring code of conduct towards this sensitive issue, you are depriving us from availing our constitutional right to live in healthy environment. Our zone is slowly and steadily becoming filthy, dirty and unhealthy. I have brought the stinking situation to the notice of the Assistant Municipal Commissioner several times but no apparent results are seen. If immediate steps are not taken, the insanitary condition may become a threat to the health of the residents and passersby of this zone,” warn the letter.

The letter requested the Municipal Commissioner to look into the matter personally and turn the atmosphere in the areas living worthy.
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