RTI activist charges NMC of mocking at law & law makers over move on stray dogs

NAGPUR: The reported move by Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) to shift stray dogs to Bhandewadi Shelter for Animal Birth Control (ABC) surgeries created a stir and forced an RTI activist to shoot a hard-hitting letter to Municipal Commissioner. Apart from objection raised by People for Animals (PFA), which is informally running the shelter since more than three years now, the RTI activist has charged the NMC of mocking at law and the law makers as well.

The RTI activist, Ankita Kamlesh Shah, of TRAP group – Nagpur, referring media report, sent a letter to Shravan Hardikar, Municipal Commissioner, and virtually tore apart the NMC plan the harshest way. The letter says, “Don’t you think you are making mockery of the law and the law makers. Firstly, you are very well aware of the fact that for construction of any kind of medical institute you have to seek permission from MPCB (Maharashtra Pollution Control Board) under Bio-Medical Waste (BMW) Rules so that the environment doesn’t get affected. (Link for bio-medical rules attached). Secondly, you are very well aware that the said land of Bhandewadi is yet to be converted from agriculture to non-agriculture land, before using it for non agriculture purposes.

Karishma Galani, the PFA city chief, has informed me that surgeries of some 30-32 stray dogs were conducted under ABC Rules 2001 in the said illegal premises, occupied as temporary animal shelter,” says the letter sent by the RTI activist.

Turning the heat on Municipal Commissioner, the letter further says, “Being an administrative person, it is your duty not only to maintain but also to implement law and order for the welfare of the society but you are failing to do so. Your this code of conduct is affecting law abiding citizens at large as you are not taking action against the erring officers even after making you aware of the illegality and irregularity done by your officials. Your negligence towards not taking a stringent action against the erring officers is giving them more encouragement in wrongdoings. Your inaction is causing unnecessary pains, sufferings and hurting to those voiceless animals which are confined in an illegally occupied place at Bhandewadi. You are requested to take immediate action and shift those innocent voiceless creatures to some better, safe and hygienic place. You are also requested to take action against the officers who have acted in such a cruel manner,” concludes the letter anticipating a prompt action.

The media report had also said that the shelter was recently in focus for pitiable conditions and NMC’s negligent attitude towards maintaining proper hygiene at the premises. A case regarding the same is also pending in Nagpur bench of Bombay High Court.