Published On : Mon, Oct 14th, 2013

RSS Chief’s comments on FDI embarrasses Nagpur BJP leaders

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In an undertone, RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat has sent strong signals to the BJP’s top cadres over reviewing its state of affair in Nagpur. Addressing the traditional Dussehra rally at Reshimbagh ground here, Bhagwat took the opportunity to pull up Congress led UPA government at the Centre on the issue of Foreign Direct Investment in retail market, while unwittingly coming out with the remarks that “Charity begins at home.” It may be recalled that the Nagpur’s water supply and other related works has been entrusted upon the private foreign operator Orange City Waters which functions under France based company Veolia Water. The said operator was allegedly awarded contract at the behest of BJP operatives.

In his pervasive statement, Bhagwat started with attacking UPA government for playing in the hands of foreign companies but consciously signaled that the drive to clean up FDI should begin from either ends. Nagpur has been the traditional power centre of RSS which also has its headquarters in the city. The rally was attended by large number of swayamsewaks along with the former BJP National president Nitin Gadkari, Mayor Anil Sole, BJP State Unit President and MLA Devendra Fadnavis, MLA Sudhakar Deshmukh, Rajya Sabha Member Ajay Sancheti and other invitees were present. The RSS Chief attack, albeit, on UPA Government over foreign issue, must have made the BJP leaders, specifically those at top positions uncomfortable.

However, the RSS Chief selectively neglected the fact and blasted UPA Government only. But one thing he categorically stated that “Charity begins at Home.” Was the remark a hint to the BJP leaders, present on the occasion, to kick out OCW? And if the hint is sort of warning, will BJP really show OCW the door or distance from RSS?

Immediately after Bhagwat ended his speech, social media platform was flooded with cross comments. One such comment reads – “Bhagwat’s silence on the paid campaign on facebook proves that BJP is playing at the hands of foreign companies. The water of Nagpur sold out to France’s player Veolia Water.”

Besides, Bhagwat zoomed into series of other issues to tone up his attack on central government. He said, “Why the nation, which dreamed becoming super power 4 years ago, is facing enormous problems on financial front? Rupee is nose-diving against dollar, foreign currency stock is emptying rapidly, inflation is uncontrollable. Why? Where is the dream of becoming super power?”


The RSS Sarsnghachalak further said in his speech, “RSS, too, is wooing youths as is being done by Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi. Youths can only change the power in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. He appealed the youths to vote 100 per cent. RSS never resort to politics. However, the RSS has been born to play politics strongly and effectively,” roared Bhagwat answered then and there only to imminent criticism over his statement.

“The day elections are announced, some political parties go on charging RSS of playing politics. But what the RSS wants to do for nation, politics is not the hurdle. We have the power to be in the ring of politics. We do not go for politics. The RSS is appealing what the Election Commission appeals. During every election, anti-Government feelings touch boiling point but there is no change. Electing the people’s representatives does not end the responsibility,” Bhagwat said.


“China and Pakistan frequently infiltrate into our land. Every infiltration and firing incident is being taken lightly saying it is routine. Our Defence has been paralyzed. Why should we tolerate Pakistan? The nation witnessed turmoil when former Army General made a statement that Army provides funds to leaders of Kashmir. The Army General has made a lighter charge. The local Kashmiri leaders are localizing the people staying beyond borders in the Indian areas only for the votes,” charged the RSS Chief.


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