Rs 7.50 cr scam hits NMC, role of top officials in Slum Rehabilitation Scheme under scanner

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Yet another scam has reportedly hit the tainted Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC). Top officials of the civic body allegedly ‘rehabilitated’ themselves with a bounty of Rs 7.50 crore by indulging in fishy deals while implementing Slums Rehabilitation Scheme in Minimata Nagar. The principle of the Scheme, it seems, has flagrantly been violated as the list of beneficiaries shockingly included 2-3 members of a single family. Even the names of a Corporator and her husband are in the list of beneficiaries pointing the gravity of wrong-doing. Moreover, the scam amount of Rs 7.50 crore would appear dwarf as the Slums Rehabilitation Scheme is being implemented at two more places, said an organisation.

According to Vidarbha Region President of Bhimshakti Yashwant Meshram, the Maharashtra Government, with the sole intention of rehabilitating slums and providing good houses to poor, started this scheme but the true picture of the scheme has turned murkier. The dirty deals of top NMC officials in allocating the tenements to many members of a single family on a platter has tore apart the goal of State Government and eventually an alleged scam to the tune of Rs 7.50 crore has got exposed. Moreover, the Corporator Anita Pradeep Wankhede who never resided in any slum has been allocated a tenement in the scheme. Apart from Anita, her husband allegedly purchased two houses of Shrivas (House No. 56 and 57) and got his name included in the list of beneficiaries. Originally, Shrivas was never a resident of this slum, claimed Meshram.

“Moreover, the list shows three tenements in the name of Harish Balram Goswami, two in the name of Kavdu Ramaji Meshram, one each in the name of Gajanan Devrao Bobde and Devrao Sakharam Bobde of a single family, one each in the name of Punaram Mandramji Gendre, Mukesh Punaram Gendre, two in Markam family, and two tenements in Shahu family figure in the list. Similarly, an NMC employee cannot be a beneficiary of this scheme but name of sanitation worker Yashwant Konduji Ramteke has occupied the list. Same is the case with Natthuji Motiram Randive on whose name only one tenement should have been allocated but for giving him two tenements the name of his unmarried son Giridhari was included in the list of beneficiaries. In 2003, the scheme had only 104 valid beneficiaries. Every beneficiary is being given a tenement constructed in 269 sq ft of land. But now the list shows a total of 217 beneficiaries which means 113 bogus beneficiaries have been included in the list and they would be given tenements in nearly 30,397 sq ft of land. In this area, the cost of land with construction is 2500 sq ft and accordingly the bogus 113 beneficiaries are being given land worth Rs 7.59 crore,” claimed Vidarbha Region President of Bhimshakti Yashwant Meshram and termed it an unprecedented scam being perpetrated by NMC officials.

Meshram has urged Municipal Commissioner Shyam Wardhane to investigate the inclusion of 113 bogus beneficiaries in the list and the massive financial irregularities in the Slum Rehabilitation Scheme allegedly by NMC officials.

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