Published On : Thu, Sep 10th, 2015

Rs 160 crore pending against 100 water bill defaulters, says Joshi

Nagpur: Chairman of NMC’s Water Supply Committee Sandeep Joshi has revealed that an amount of around Rs 160 crore are pending against 100 defaulters. Making public names of these defaulters, Joshi said that stern action would be initiated against them in the coming days.

According to Joshi, these 100 non-payers of water bill include residential and commercial consumers and they owe Rs 134 crore. If penalties is included to this amount then the figure stands at Rs 160 crore. Bogged down by this staggering amount, NMC now plans to undertake a special drive to recover the water bill dues.

The defaulters include some Government departments, too. Recently, water connection of Tehsil Office was snapped for non-payment of huge dues. The same action is likely to be faced by other defaulters. In the coming three days, notices will be served to non-payers and thereafter warrants will be served if they failed to pay the water bill dues. Even if this action fails, seizer of properties will be initiated.

According to the Chairman of Water Supply Committee, only a few defaulters owe amounts over crores. The common people generally pay their water bills regularly and within time. The day recovery of water bills gained momentum, the Office of Divisional Commissioner settled its bill.

Still some State and Central Government departments owe water bills in the range of lakhs and crores. Joshi further said the NMC officials have been directed to go ahead with the recovery without succumbing to any pressures. If an office or commercial establishment or residential consumer desires to settle the bill the option is open for limited period only, said Joshi.